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Shepard x Miranda- I Found You by Wellsy71

The way Miranda sheds a tear when she finds Shepard in the rubble wounded but alive really impacts the hearts of those who are a fan of...


Naruto: Journey To Now Chapter 4 - The Argument

Naruto(Narrator): The next day was another day at school. But this day was a day that Iruka almost died.

*Naruto and Hinata are seen being approached by Hinata's Bullies*

Naruto: What do you guys want?

Hinata's Bully #2: What do you think?

Naruto: She didn't do anything to you guys.

Hinata's Bully #1: Look at him acting all tough. He doesn't look intimidating.

Naruto: We don't want any trouble.

*Hinata's Bullies start laughing*

Hinata's Bully #3: Hahahaha! This is so cute. They don't want any trouble.

Naruto: Don't make me call the teacher.

Hinata's Bully #1: Oooooh scary...yeah right! Iruka's at Amaguriama's right now! Who else are you gonna call? Your parents? Oh wait, they're dead aren't they?

Naruto: What did you just say!?

Hinata's Bully #1: You're parents are dead aren't they? No wonder why they don't show up to pick you up after school. They must've died when the demon fox attacked long ago. I wonder, were they were the first to die? If they were, they must've been very weak shin-

*Before the bully could finish, Naruto sends him flying with one super powered kick, sending him flying into a tree. The bully clenches his stomach in pain. The other bullies are seen with scared expressions on their faces, even Hinata's scared*

Naruto: I didn't want any trouble, but I see now that you guys want trouble.

*The 2 bullies start taking a few steps back in fear*

Naruto: What happened to me not looking intimidating? *scary grin* Come at me. Come on!

Hinata's Bully #3: Wha-what are you?

Naruto: I WAS just a kid like you guys. But now, I'm gonna be something far worse than anything you've ever seen.

Hinata's Bully #2: No, don't come any closer! Stay away!

Naruto: I would, but you crossed the line.

*Scene changes to the sky, where 2 screams are heard. Scene changes to Hinata's Bullies being treated at the hospital*

Doctor: My goodness, these bruises are severe. Not only that, some of their ribs are broken. Also this one's tibia is broken. Quickly, we gotta get them to the operating room!

*Scene changes to Naruto coming home. Iruka is seen waiting for him inside*

Iruka: Naruto I got word that Hinata's bullies were sent to the hospital with severe injuries! They said that you got angry and beat them half to death!

Naruto: They deserved it.

Iruka: I can't believe you're saying that! Thanks to you, they have a 85% chance of dying!

Naruto: So what?

Iruka: Do you hear yourself right now!? If your parents were here, what would they think!?

Naruto: Funny you ask that because they're not here aren't they? So where are they?

Iruka: What?

Naruto: Where are my parents? Where's my dad? Where's my mom? Where were they when I needed them!?

Iruka: How dare you-

Naruto: How dare I!? How dare I!? How dare you!? Trying to act like my dad! I may not have known him but I know that you're not him! And you're no brother to me!

*Naruto leaves the house with his super speed*

Iruka: Naruto wait!...Dammit!

*The Third is seen using the Telescope Technique to watch Naruto leave the village*

Third Hokage: *sigh*I know Naruto's actions weren't good, but I can't blame him. He grew up with no parents to care for him. If only you were here, could've been there for him...What's this!? Four Kumo-nin!?

*Naruto is seen very tired from running*

Naruto: Stupid Iruka...stupid village...

*Suddenly, the four Kumo-nins come out and surround Naruto*

Naruto: What the-

*One of the Kumo-nins knock Naruto out with a punch to the stomach*

Kumo-nin: We've got the Jinchūriki, let's-

?: Naruto!

*A Kumo-nin is sent flying with one punch from Iruka*

Iruka: Get away from my brother!

Kumo-nin: Get him!

*Iruka starts fighting the Kumo-nin. Scene changes to Naruto waking up*

Naruto: What happened?

Iruka: okay?

*Naruto turns around and sees a severely injured Iruka and 4 dead Kumo-nin. Naruto is seen with a shocked expression on his face*

Naruto: Iruka...

Iruka: See Naruto? I was help you...I'm so're okay.

*Iruka collapses. A very worried Naruto starts rushing to his side*

Naruto: No no no no no! Don't die Iruka!

*Tears start coming out of Naruto's eyes as Naruto tries to stop the bleeding*

Naruto: No I didn't mean for any of this! Oh god! No no no, don't die Iruka! I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...

Naruto(Narrator): He went out looking for me. And he almost gave his life to make sure I wasn't taken away by those Kumo-nin. It was a good thing that some Jōnins found us on time.

*Scene changes to Naruto watching the medical-nin bringing Iruka into the emergency room by stretcher. Scene changes to the next day as Naruto enters the academy. The students are seen looking at him with concern in their eyes. Sakura walks towards him*

Sakura: Naruto.

Naruto: I'm not in the mood Sakura.

Sakura: Naruto I-

*Naruto shoves her against a locker, shocking everyone*

Naruto: Didn't you hear me? I said I'm not in the mood!

Sakura:*teary-eyed* I'm sorry about Iruka-sensei. I feel bad for you...we all do.

*Naruto looks at all the students before walking off. Hinata walks over to him*

Hinata: Naruto, I heard what happened. I'm so sorry.

*Naruto goes over to Hinata and hugs her as he cries. Scene changes to everyone in the classroom. Kurenai(22 yrs old) is seen teaching the class instead*

Kurenai: Since your teacher's in the hospital today, I'll be his substitute. But before we start, Naruto can I talk to you outside of the classroom?

*Naruto gets out of the classroom with Kurenai*

Kurenai: I know what you're going through right now Naruto. You think that it's your fault for Iruka almost dying. But you shouldn't blame yourself. It was his choice to risk his own life to save yours.

Naruto: After all the things I said to him, he still came looking for me.

Kurenai: He may not be your real father, and he may not be related to you, but he really cares about you. He talks about how good of a brother you are every time we're on break.

Naruto: He does that?

Kurenai: Yes, he does. He is always talking about how good you are, rarely anything bad.

*Naruto starts crying tears of happiness*

Kurenai: Come on, let's head back in.

Naruto(Narrator): Hearing Kurenai-sensei talk about Iruka saying good things about me moved me to tears. I also got all teary-eyed once I heard that he was gonna make it. For 4 weeks, I stayed with Shikamaru and his parents. His parents, I have to admit, were scary, but they were nice people, and I got to hang out with Shikamaru more. Hinata still remained my close friend, that was good. Sakura and Ino became my friends as well...sort of. After 4 weeks, Iruka was finally released from the hospital.

*Iruka exits the hospital with Naruto*

Iruka: Finally! I'm out of the hospital!

Naruto: I'm glad you're outta that hospital. Shikamaru's parents are crazy!

Iruka: But they were nice to you.

Naruto: That's true. So...are we good?

Iruka: Yeah...we're good.

Naruto: From now on, I will be a better brother to you.

Iruka: There's no need for that. You're a better brother already. You visited me every day.

Naruto: Oh okay then, so what do we do now?

Iruka: How about some ramen? In celebration for me getting out of the hospital!?

Naruto: Alright ramen! You're the best brother ever!
Naruto: Journey To Now Chapter 4
Naruto and Iruka get into an argument! What caused this argument? What happens after the argument?
Rosario + Vampire Character Idea #1

Name: Luna Adolfo

Species: Werewolf(Beta Class)

Bio: Luna is a werewolf born into the Sicilian Mafia. Her mother was a werewolf while her father was a human. Her father and some of the members of the Sicilian Mafia homeschooled her and sent her off to Yōkai Academy so she can make friends and graduate and get a nice job, not wanting her to be part of the family business.

Appearance: Luna's of Italian and Japanese descent. She wears the Yōkai school uniform. Luna has olive skin and wears her brown hair in a casual updo long style. She also has a pair of wolf ears on her head. Luna's regular eye color is silver, but when she uses her Yōkai, her eyes glow a bright yellow. Her body measurements are 86-60-86.

Personality: Luna is generally expressionless, almost showing no emotions at all. She has the tendency to lose her clothes when transforming into her wolf form and doesn't seem bothered by walking around naked, stating that being naked makes her feel empowered. She shows a lot of loyalty towards Moka, due to her "Alpha Status." It is almost rare for her to smile.

Abilities: Luna can smell, see and hear far better than humans, and can heal quickly from most injuries. Luna's agility and speed is surprisingly better than Gin's, though not as good as Moka's. Her strength allows her to lift 10 tons, though it can be amplified by the use of the full moon, or if she's part of a pack(i.e. Moka's "pack"). She can also transform into an actual wolf. A unique ability of hers is the ability to cause drowsiness through the use of her claws. Though she's been homeschooled, she's surprisingly smart, ranking #9 on the examinations. Luna has been shown to be able to use some magic, mostly ones to dress up quickly and summon knives and ice picks. She has been trained in Jujitsu and Kickboxing by her Sicilian Mafia father.
Rosario + Vampire Character Idea #1
Since I'm planning on making my own version of Rosario +Vampire, I'm adding some new characters into the mix, starting off with Luna, a werewolf born from the Sicilian Mafia!
Plot: 3 weeks after Journey Across Universes and a week after Fairy Tail's Tartarus Arc, Natsu shows up at Naruto's place and asks him to help him train for a year. Meanwhile, Ivan Dreyar, bitter over his defeat during the Grand Magic Games, hires legendary mage hunter Grosvenor Tout for his sinister plans, which involves the capture of all the known Dragon Slayers! All Dragon Slayers are not safe from the eyes of a hunter! Can the inclusion of Naruto be enough to fight this unpredictable hunter, who has never lost a prey, nor let any live?


Naruto Uzumaki: 3 weeks after saving the whole multiverse from the Jack of Blades, Naruto has taken Natsu as his apprentice in order to take his mind off what happened during Journey Across Universes, and the fact that Moka said that he could have a harem like his cousin, Rito Yuuki.

Natsu Dragneel: Main protagonist of Fairy Tail, One of the members of The Twelve, and one of the few people who've fought on equal grounds and defeated Naruto in pure combat, Natsu has decided to have Naruto train him for a whole year in order to get stronger.

Lucy Heartfilia: Natsu's girlfriend, Naruto has met Lucy before(details will be explained in the future), forming a friendship with her. After hearing from Naruto that Natsu's at his place, Lucy immediately goes there to see him.

Moka Akashiya: Naruto's current lover, after the events of Journey Across Universes, she has since become one with her Inner and Outer selves. She has also approved Naruto of having a harem. Moka is off on another modeling job, leaving Naruto with Natsu and Happy.

Gray Fullbuster: Natsu's rival/friend, Gray has finally started dating Juvia. Gray, after hearing about Natsu being in danger, heads out with Erza, Gajeel, and Juvia to protect him.

Wendy Marvell: Wendy is captured first by Grosvenor, prompting Naruto and his Fairy Tail friends to go save her, Sting, and Rogue.

Juvia Lockser: Juvia sees Naruto as an older brother she never had. When she wants help with her relationship with Gray, Naruto gives her some advice, mostly revolving around telling her to appear in Gray's room, wearing lingerie and screwing his brains out, or appearing in his shower naked and helping each other(Gray and Juvia) clean themselves, which works.

Erza Scarlet: Erza, also known as Titania, is revealed to be one of Naruto's cousins, something that shocks her friends. Erza is protective of Naruto, despite Naruto not needing any help most of the time

Gajeel Redfox: Though antagonistic when they first meet, Gajeel instantly began to respect Naruto after Naruto and Gajeel had a verbal argument.

Laxus Dreyar: Laxus wants to fight Naruto after hearing about Naruto's power and his many battles, a fight Naruto doesn't want to do, since Naruto comically finds Laxus intimidating.

Happy the Cat: Naruto and Happy are a bit antagonistic at first, but that fades once Naruto brings out a platter of sushi, earning his friendship. Happy will be seen babysitting Celine whenever Naruto can't, earning a fish every hour.

Celine: Naruto's "niece" and Rito's "daughter", Celine accompanies Naruto due to Rito suggesting that he takes her with him since Naruto doesn't visit his house a lot.

Chelsea: A mysterious assassin who works for the international assassin organization Night Raid, Chelsea has her eyes set on Naruto. Why?

Kagura Mikazuchi: A member of Mermaid Heel, Kagura finds herself helping Chelsea find Naruto. Finding a little of herself in Chelsea, she agrees to help her find him, though she isn't told why. When she finds out that all the known Dragon Slayer Mages are being hunted, she and Chelsea go off to save them.

Ivan Dreyar: Former guild master of the disbanded Raven Tail, Ivan plots his revenge.

Grosvenor Tout: A legendary and wanted mage hunter wielding a multi-purpose collapsible magic gun and an array of mage hunting equipment, Grosvenor has set his sights on capturing all Dragon Slayer Mages for his employer. Killing Naruto is bonus pay.
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Perry Nguyen
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I'm just a person that likes online alot of designs, but mostly Halo and NaruHina, and etc. I'm a really cool simple guy!!! I also like Deadpool, and loads, and loads of stories.....and manga. Overall, I'm an all-around nice person, though I can lose my temper at times, I'm innocent :). And I'm the Co-Founder of The Skitzo 4, now changed to The Skitzo League due to newcomers, you gotta check out the stories at this link:

Also check out my second page, InsaneBrainiacStudio, where I do the craziest ideas imagined, some not crazy at all. Also I've quit my previous group in order to make and manage my own group, which is called 4Ever-Letting-Loose, a page where any art is accepted.


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