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Shepard x Miranda- I Found You by Wellsy71

The way Miranda sheds a tear when she finds Shepard in the rubble wounded but alive really impacts the hearts of those who are a fan of...


Naruto's story, from the day he was born to the end of his battle against Sasuke, may have been finished, but his story has just begun....

Note: This is a continuation of Journey To Now and Rosario + Vampire Episode 19.1(Extra), I don't own any of the characters, The story will take place in Japan, Karakura Town, and Soul Society

Plot: Taking place before the Gotei Invading Army Arc, a slowly depowering Ichigo finds himself facing off against an unknown Hollow with skills that surpass the Gotei 13. Meanwhile Naruto, after seeing Moka again during her school trip in Japan, senses the Hollow and goes after it, which will lead to the first battle and meeting between the two iconic Shonen heroes.
NaruMoka - Sleeping Beauty/Almost Kiss by ArbyMaster458
NaruMoka - Sleeping Beauty/Almost Kiss
I just went there....with the help of photoshopping!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Moka. What I do own is a strange mind.
I met Happy/Mizore! by ArbyMaster458
I met Happy/Mizore!
Today at Anime Fusion, I met Tia Ballard, the English voice actor for Happy(Fairy Tail) and Mizore(Rosario + Vampire)! Got her to sign my manga book and answer some of my fan questions. Don't care if the resolution and my posture's not good, I just crossed out one of the many things off my bucket list!
1. Naruto arrives at UCLA and makes his first friend. The first day is sometimes a strange one.

2. Naruto is convinced by Jiraiya to go hang out with Moka and her dorm mates at the mall. Too bad Naruto's paying after the girls forget their wallets.

3. When Moka has to babysit a rich family's kids for a friend on Saturday, she enlists Naruto's help in the matter. What could go wrong? Meanwhile, Compa and Xenovia meet Compa's idol, Ryoko Mikado at a book signing.

4. A cult of Jashinists have their eyes on Moka as a sacrifice, and Naruto and Xenovia are the only ones who can save her.

5. Continuing off where Palutena's Revolting Dinner ended, the Goddess and her loyal servant Pit visit Jiraiya for dinner. It's up to Naruto to cook up an amazing dish for the Goddess. Only one problem: His fingers were crushed after Compa accidentally closed a door on them when Naruto was fixing a friend's door.

6. There's a Kendo Tournament in L.A., and Naruto and Xenovia are participating. They are unmatched until they meet Rin Kujou.

7. When Moka feels that she's weak after being held at gunpoint and have Naruto save her, Naruto offers to train her to defend herself. Meanwhile, Compa and Xenovia help out at a hospital after Compa displays amazing skills as a doctor during a tour.

8. When an unknown contractor under the initials K.S. hires Ayane to kill Moka, it's up to our pink-haired UCLA student to use everything she has learned to stick up for herself. Meanwhile, Naruto has to help Compa with grocery shopping.

9. It's Thanksgiving and everyone's gathering at Jiraiya's for a feast. Naruto and Moka are tasked with getting the pumpkin pie. One problem: It's the last pumpkin pie from a very famous bakery, and everyone wants a piece of it.

10. Shikamaru, Hinata, and Ino take a plane over to California to hang out with Naruto for the holidays. It's time for Hinata to meet Moka! Also, Ayane joins in on the fun too in this Christmas Special.

11. Hinata's birthday is today and Naruto and Moka must pick up the cake. When they accidentally ruin it, they must make a new one.

12. When Moka decides to go to Raccoon City for the Summer, she finds the city infested with zombies. Naruto, Compa, and Xenovia come to the rescue.

13. After the Raccoon City Incident, Naruto, Moka, and friends spend their Summer in Hawaii. While there, Naruto's challenged to a surfing contest by a douche surfer, with the winner getting Moka. Naruto must take surfing lessons from Ayane if he wants to win. Meanwhile, Moka, Compa, and Xenovia go on an adventure to find buried treasure.

14. Moka, Compa, and Xenovia realize that they've never seen Naruto without his glasses so they go through great lengths to find out.

15. Summer's over and it's back to learning. Also, Jiraiya takes Naruto's training to a whole new level by having his mind go back in time and meet his ancestor, Master Thief Garrett. Naruto also finds Garrett's stash of collectibles hidden somewhere in L.A.

16. Moka wants to investigate an abandoned and possibly haunted house, dragging Naruto, Compa, and Xenovia along with her. When Compa gets possessed by an evil and mischievous spirit, only Xenovia and expert exorcist Shiro Fujimoto can save the day.

17. With UCLA's concert coming, Naruto must help Moka overcome her stage fright.

18. When Jiraiya asks why he started to like Red Velvet Cakes, Naruto recalls the time he and Moka tested Tony Stark's dimensional portal, only to find themselves stuck in the world of Remnant, where Naruto meets a 7-year old Faunus girl by the name of Velvet Scarlatina. Naruto must find a way back to his dimension as well as babysit the young Faunus and rescue Moka from the creatures of Grimm.

19. After Naruto sees She-Hulk in action, he asks for her help in controlling the Nine-Tailed Fox inside him. When her teachings fail, she gives the task to Wolverine.

20. Naruto takes Moka to Jiraiya's place after it starts raining heavily. Meanwhile, Jiraiya is directing his Icha Icha Movie, with Xenovia co-directing when she shows potential as a director.

21. When a monster known as the Goliath and another one known as the Kraken break out of their cells, escape from the base they were confined in and rampage around L.A., Naruto, under the moniker known as The Black Rider, has to do his best to fight these monsters. When they reach their final evolution and become too strong, Naruto, after seeing Moka hurt, embraces the demon inside him and transforms into his Four-Tailed Form. But when it's not enough, he goes into his Six-Tailed Form. Note: This is a chapter that will promote the upcoming game, EVOLVE. The monsters are the property of Turtle Rock Studios, copyright not intended.

22. When Six-Tailed Form Naruto runs amok, Jiraiya, in an Iron Man armor borrowed from Tony, must come to the rescue and save his godson.

23. Naruto, as The Black Rider, comes face to face with a bloodsucking vigilante. What he doesn't know is that it's Moka, and she's the real deal! Also Naruto meets Moka's half-brother Ace Shuzen, a character I decided to make for a very good reason!

24. A shocked, saddened, and in denial Naruto takes a flight to the Hayabusa Clan Village to attend Kureha's funeral. After that, Ryu has Momiji stay with Naruto in order to help her cope with the loss of her sister. He also tries to cope with her loss by brutally attacking bad guys in his Black Rider identity. It's up to Inner Moka to convince him to get over it, unknowingly helping Naruto.

25. Xenovia has Naruto pretend to be her boyfriend after being hit on by many guys. She also toys with Naruto for a bit.

26. Momiji decides to help Naruto with on his battle against UltraTech before she leaves to return to her village, only to be captured by UltraTech and be used to test out a prototype cyborg known as Proto-Fulgore.

27. When Proto-Fulgore attacks Naruto/The Black Rider, Inner Moka comes to his aid in fighting the cyborg. Is this the end of the Black Rider?

28. The 2009 UCLA Undie Run is today, and our 4 main characters are in their underwears, nuff said.

29. Moka wants to get Naruto a present for his 15th birthday. However, she doesn't know what he'd like. Compa And Xenovia have the answer, but how to get it is....extreme.

30. A flame goblin from Hell comes to take Moka as his bride. Naruto, now going under the Orange Ninja identity, must follow the demon to Hell and rescue her. Naruto dons his Journey to Now attire and wields Wind Reaper for the first time!

31. Naruto, Jiraiya, and the gang go to Japan for Winter Break. While they're there, Moka plans a special and friendly date with Naruto.

32. Naruto has to make an original video of any chosen genre for his filmmaking class, and Moka, Compa, and Xenovia want to help.

33. Moka has four VIP Tickets to see First Astronomical Velocity in concert with her friends. Unfortunately, She got into a car accident and is now in the hospital with minor scratches and an injured leg. Feeling sorry for her, Naruto will show just how nice of a guy he is.

34. Moka makes chocolate for Naruto for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, she's too nervous to give it to him in person. She'll do whatever it takes to deliver it to him. What could possibly go wrong?

35. Naruto and Moka attend a wedding for a friend of Jiraiya's. While attending, someone tries to ruin the moment for the soon to be married couple.

36. Moka can't stop thinking about the Orange Ninja(who's actually Naruto) after he saved her from the Demon Goblin. When Moka wants to thank him and tell him how she feels in person, Naruto must don his Orange Ninja identity and confront her.

37. It's Graduation Day! Naruto, Compa, and Xenovia spend one final day together before they go their separate ways. Naruto greatest journey to now begins, including Moka's days at Yōkai Academy! Note: Might plan on doing my own version of Rosario + Vampire in the future.
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Perry Nguyen
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I'm just a person that likes online alot of designs, but mostly Halo and NaruHina, and etc. I'm a really cool simple guy!!! I also like Deadpool, and loads, and loads of stories.....and manga. Overall, I'm an all-around nice person, though I can lose my temper at times, I'm innocent :). And I'm the Co-Founder of The Skitzo 4, now changed to The Skitzo League due to newcomers, you gotta check out the stories at this link:

Also check out my second page, InsaneBrainiacStudio, where I do the craziest ideas imagined, some not crazy at all. Also I've quit my previous group in order to make and manage my own group, which is called 4Ever-Letting-Loose, a page where any art is accepted.


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