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Shepard x Miranda- I Found You by Wellsy71

The way Miranda sheds a tear when she finds Shepard in the rubble wounded but alive really impacts the hearts of those who are a fan of...


NARUTO: GIRL POWER! - Cover by ArbyMaster458
Plot: During a night where the Uzumaki family are supposed to have their very first dinner together as a whole, Naruto is mysteriously missing during a mission. Worried about him, Chelsea(Naruto's older sister), Moka(Naruto's current girlfriend), Kushina(Naruto's mother), Chouko(Naruto and Ayane's daughter from an alternate universe)and Erza(Naruto's cousin) go out to search for him. Along the way, they are joined by other girls, who are also looking for him. They'll find out what happened to Naruto and find out where he is, even if they have to beat up several bad guys to do it.
The Twelve Part 3

*Scene shows Kenichi doing one armed pull-ups while Goku is practicing his martial arts. Ichigo is seen watching them train as Himekojo appears behind him*

Himekojo: Hey!

Ichigo: Whoa! Uhhhh hey Himekojo....what's up?

Himekojo: Oh nothing.....I'm just.....seeing what the others are doing. you have a girlfriend?

Ichigo: Yeah, and she's amazing. Very beautiful and very committed to our relationship.

Himekojo: Really...*smirks* you know....I'm beautiful as well...and I can fulfill any of your desires....if you give me a chance.

Ichigo: *sweating* Uhhhh I just forgot that Naruto needed to see me for something important.

Himekojo: I just saw Naruto walking down the hallway carrying Moka. So I don't think he'll need to see you for a while.

Ichigo: Himekojo I told you, I have a girlfriend! I'm committed!

Himekojo: I don't mind at all. This'll be our little secret. Now come here!

*Ichigo runs out of the room, with Himekojo chasing him*

Goku: That was weird. So Kenichi, how long have you had that band-aid on your face?

Kenichi: Oh this? Well usually when I'm fighting other martial artists, I would always get a scratch there.

Goku: Don't you heal very fast?

Kenichi: Well yeah, it's just that I like having my girlfriend patch me up.

Goku: I don't think you need to keep that band-aid on if you heal at a very above average rate.

Kenichi: I guess.

*Kenichi takes it off. Scene changes to Black☆Star and InuYasha clashing with their swords, while Luffy tries to figure out how to use a computer to contact his crew mates*

Luffy: Oy, I need help with using this uhhhhhhhhh whatchamacallit.

Black☆Star: Seriously? You don't know how to use a computer?

*Black☆Star blocks a sword strike from InuYasha*

Luffy: I use a snail to talk to my crew.

Black☆Star: A what?

InuYasha: Hey, I don't know how to use a computer either.

Black☆Star: Really?

InuYasha: Science is not my thing.

Black☆Star: I'm sure that your crew's fine. Come on InuYasha, let's continue sparring.

*Scene changes to the outside of the EDF Hiroshima. Coming towards it is Wonderweiss II, created under the instructions of Aizen earlier, who launches a large Cero at the ship, overloading the energy shielding, destroying it. The ship starts shaking. The Twelve are alerted and start rushing to the Main Deck*

Ichigo: What's happening?

Tsukamoto: The shields have been destroyed.

Ichigo: How?

Naruto: Ooooh right, I forgot to tell you guys about Wonderweiss II.

Tsukamoto: Wonderweiss II?

Naruto: He was created to be stronger than the original one, and he was created to destroy the Hiroshima's shielding....You can't always depend on me for information.

*The ship's lights turn off for a few seconds before coming back on again*

Natsu: What was that!?

Tsukamoto: Looks like the back up core has been activated.

Lin: Uhhh sir, we have a problem

*Tsukamoto checks one of the screens and finds out that a few Hollows had broken Aizen out of his cell. Tsukamoto checks another screen and finds Aizen using the the ship's reactor core to recharge the Hōgyoku*

Tsukamoto: Dammit! He has the Hōgyoku at full power!

Lin: We're picking up a large army of Hollows coming this way!

*Tsukamoto commands his soldiers by comm*

Tsukamoto: Man your stations! I need soldiers on the turrets! I need soldiers in the skies! Protect the ship at all cost! Ichigo, you know what to do.

Ichigo: Alright guys here's the plan: Naruto, I need you to protect the back up core with InuYasha and Toriko. Moka, Kenichi, Himekojo, Luffy, and Black☆Star, your job's to kill whatever Hollow gets inside. Goku and Sho, I need you to take out Wonderweiss II and protect the thrusters. If those thrusters are destroyed, this ship will go down along with a lot of innocent men and women. Natsu and I are gonna go find Aizen and beat the Hōgyoku out of him.

Naruto: I don't think that's a good idea Ichigo. I know you've beaten him with the Final Getsuga Tenshō last time, but this time, he will surely beat you. With or without your new Bankai.

Ichigo: Naruto we'll be fine.

Naruto: $5 says you'll be on your knees.

Ichigo: Alright team you know your jobs, let's go!

*Scene changes to Naruto, InuYasha, and Toriko enter the reactor core room and find 10 Hollows attacking the back up reactor core. InuYasha attacks head on and kills 6 of them with Tessaiga. The remaining 4 attack Toriko, who easily kills them with a 3-Hit Nail Gun. Naruto goes over to the console to check the reactor's status. A Hollow tries to sneak up on him but Naruto throws a kunai through its head, killing it*

Naruto: Dammit, the reactor's power distribution conduits and coolants are badly damaged. Not to mention that a dangerous amount of radiation's overloading the core.

Toriko: Meaning?

Naruto: This thing's gonna explode. I'll have to repair it from the inside and cool it down.

Toriko: Inside? But isn't that dangerous?

Naruto: Of course it is. I'll have to go into the reactor and fix it. Though I'll need to constantly use my large chakra reserves to protect myself. You guys have to protect me while I get this fixed. Once I'm done, I need you guys to pull me back up with this rope. My armor is not strong enough to resist that much radiation in the core, and I'll have to use up all my reserves for this.

InuYasha: You can count on us.

*Naruto latches one end of the rope to a rail before entering the core. Naruto starts constantly shielding himself with his chakra as he descends into the core for repairs. Scene changes to Moka taking out multiple Hollows and Arrancars with martial arts moves taught to her by Naruto. Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun to send a large group of Hollows flying out of the ship. Luffy goes to Gear Second as he prepares to attack again. Kenichi takes out a Hollow with Kao Loi before taking out another one with Rekka Sajinbaku. Kenichi dodges a claw strike from another Hollow before throwing it towards Moka, who roundhouse kicks it out of the ship*

Kenichi: So I gotta know Moka,*Dodges a Cero from a Hollow and throws a piece of metal at it, decapitating and killing it* why aren't you in your Inner Form?

Moka: Naruto trained me to rely on my own strength. *Moka punches a Hollow in the jaw before impaling it with its own tail* I can't always rely on my inner self to fight my battles.

*Scene changes to Himekojo killing multiple Hollows with her magic guns while Black☆Star slaughters several Hollows with Tsubaki's Chain Scythe Form*

Himekojo: Is this all they got? I could do this all day!

Black☆Star: I was gonna say the same thing.

Himekojo: Duck!

*Black☆Star ducks as Himekojo shoots a Hollow three times in the chest, killing it*

Black☆Star: Thanks.

Himekojo: No problem.

*Scene changes to Ichigo and Natsu killing multiple Hollows on their way to get to Aizen. Ichigo contacts Naruto*

Ichigo: Naruto, how're you doing on your end?

Naruto: Don't know, given the situation that I'm in.

Ichigo: What do you mean?

Naruto: I'm repairing the back up core from the inside, with the chakra reserves I'm using to shield my self slowly decreasing.

Ichigo: Will you be alright? What if you run out of chakra?

Naruto: Don't worry, as long as InuYasha and Toriko are here to tug me back up, I'll be fine. How're you?

Ichigo: Still looking for Aizen.

Naruto: Do you find this situation we're in odd?

Ichigo: Not really, why?

Naruto: These are only Basic Hollows we're fighting. I haven't seen any Arrancars or Adjuchas yet. Let alone any Arrancars.

Ichigo: He's probably saving them for his invasion.

Naruto: I gotta hang up now Ichigo, I gotta focus on repairs.

Ichigo: Alright then.

*Ichigo hangs up. Naruto finishes repairing the conduits. Naruto proceeds to repair the coolants*

Kurama: You know, I could lend you my chakra.

Naruto's Mind: Later, right now I'm saving you for something else.

Kurama: Very well then.

*Scene changes to Super Saiyan 2 Goku and Sho destroying Wonderweiss II with a combined attack(Kamehameha + Gravity Smasher)*

Goku: Ichigo, Wonderweiss II has been destroyed.

Ichigo: Did he pose a challenge?

Goku: No, not at all.

Ichigo: Alright, continue protecting the thrusters.

*Ichigo and Natsu finally reach Aizen, who is about to enter a portal to Hueco Mundo*

Aizen: I knew you'd come for me.

*Aizen closes the portal before launching a Cero at Ichigo. Out of nowhere, Tsukamoto arrives and deflects the Cero back at him with a sword strike*

Ichigo: Tsukamoto? How did....why are you here?

Tsukamoto:'ll finally pay for cutting off my right arm.

Ichigo: Wait a minute.....Aizen did that? And how do you know each other?

Tsukamoto: A long time ago, we were both under Shinji Hirako's command. During the betrayal of Aizen in which Hirako and other Shinigami became Visoreds, I was one of the Soul Reapers who went against Aizen. He sliced of my right arm during the fight and he tried to turn me into a Hollow. It was a good thing Kisuke found us before the Hollowfication could be completed. Kisuke never told you this, but I was the only one who managed to not become a Visored. The down side was that I lost all my Shinigami powers, permanently.

Aizen: So after that, you found the EDF. I'm impressed that you survived this long Tsukamoto.

Tsukamoto: I'm impressed that you still have that damn smile on your face. Ichigo...Natsu...back me up.

*Aizen charges at Tsukamoto, Ichigo, and Natsu as they begin fighting. Scene changes to InuYasha and Toriko being outnumbered by multiple Hollows as they try to keep them from reaching the core. InuYasha gets hit by 5 Cero blasts. InuYasha retaliates by killing the 5 Hollows with his Iron Reaver attack*

InuYasha: Naruto what's taking so long?

Naruto: I'm almost done!

*As Naruto's repairing the coolants, his armor starts cracking a bit, releasing a bit of electricity from the now exposed circuitry*

Naruto: Oh dear.....

*Moka and Kenichi enter the scene to help. Moka sends 14 Hollows flying with a concussive kick*

Moka: Where's Naruto?

Toriko: Inside a powerful reactor core.

Moka: What!?

Toriko: But don't worry, as long as the rope is on the rail, we'll be able to-

Kenichi: Toriko look out!

*Toriko dodges a Cero, which hits the rail holding the rope*

Toriko: Uh oh......

Naruto: Guys I fixed the reactor, pull me up! Guys!?.....Aw sh$t....

*Naruto starts screaming in pain as he is hit with a a very large dose of radiation*

Moka: Naruto!

*Scene changes to Ichigo, Tsukamoto, and Natsu fighting Aizen. Natsu and Ichigo are seen badly wounded while Tsukamoto is seen with only a minor cut on his left cheek*

Aizen: Face it Tsukamoto, you can't beat me. I was always the better swordsman.

*Tsukamoto blocks another sword strike from Aizen. Tsukamoto kicks Aizen back as he rushes towards him with a downward strike. Aizen blocks it as Ichigo comes from behind and attacks him with a Getsuga Tenshō. Aizen is hit from behind, but it doesn't hurt him. Tsukamoto diagonally slashes Aizen's chest, which leaves a minor cut. Aizen jumps in the air as he shoots Byakurai at Tsukamoto. Natsu cancels his attack with Fire Dragon's Roar*

Tsukamoto: I've been training rigorously for this day.

Aizen: I'm impressed Tsukamoto, you've gotten stronger. But as much as I'd love to continue this fight, I am in a hurry so I'll let Satori finish things here.

*Satori blast a hole in the ship and engages Ichigo, Natsu, and Tsukamoto as Aizen is entering a portal to Hueco Mundo*

Ichigo: AIZEN!

*Ichigo launches a Getsuga Tenshō at Aizen, only to have it blocked by Satori. Satori launches bunch of explosive feathers at Ichigo, which explode in front of him, fatally injuring him. Aizen appears in front of Ichigo and grabs him by the throat*

Aizen: I have something in store for you, Ichigo. You'll be the first to witness my reign over this world of humans.

*Aizen teleports away, be ringing Ichigo with him. Scene changes to Naruto using what little chakra he has left to create multiple shadow clones that pile up to elevate Naruto to the exit. Moka and Kenichi pull Naruto out. Naruto's armor is seen badly damaged*

Naruto: What happened to pulling me back up!?

InuYasha: Sorry Naruto, we promise to do it the next time you do something like this.

*Naruto takes off his armor*

Naruto: I sense that there are too many enemies on the ship. And reinforcements are coming.

InuYasha: What kind of reinforcements?

*Scene changes to Sho and Super Saiyan 3 Goku engaging multiple Arrancars. Goku reverts back to his normal form after using too much energy. Several Arrancars arrive and launch multiple Ceros at Goku. Sho takes the full force of the attacks in order to protect Goku*

Naruto: The heavy hitters. We have to retreat.

InuYasha: Are you crazy!? We can take them!

Naruto: InuYasha look around you! We're in a ship full of wounded soldiers in need of medical treatment! This ship can't take more damage. Not to mention that in the state we're in right now, we won't be able to deal with another wave! Even I won't be able to go another round. We need to retreat and make a full recovery.

Moka: How do we get out?

Naruto: I guess I have no choice. Kurama, I need a little bit of your chakra.

Kurama: Alright Naruto.

*Naruto gains a small portion of Kurama's chakra. Naruto then performs a few hand signs before using an advanced version of the Flying Thunder God Technique to teleport everyone, including the ship, away from the Hollows. Scene changes to the ship hovering above Konoha. Naruto is seen panting heavily*

Naruto: I guess I overdid it.

*Naruto contacts Tsukamoto*

Naruto: Tsukamoto, how's Ichigo?

Tsukamoto: He's gone, Aizen took him.

Naruto: Dammit....

Tsukamoto: We'll get him back, don't worry. Right now, you guys need rest.

Naruto: Gotcha...

*Naruto contacts Tenten*

Naruto: Tenten? I need you to pick me up and get me to The Armory.

Tenten: Alright, I'll be there in 5 minutes.

Naruto: Also, can you get me a Mint Condition Cooler at Caribou Coffee?

Tenten: *sigh* Fine, but you owe me.

Naruto: Fine.

Tenten: I'll be there shortly.

*Scene changes to several soldiers being treated at the Konoha Hospital. The Twelve, excluding Naruto and Ichigo, are seen all healed up and in the lobby*

Sho: Dammit, I can't believe we got our butts handed to us! I swear, when we get back to full strength, we're gonna waste those Hollows and Arrancars. If only I can learn how to shoot symbiotic rockets.

Kenichi: There was nothing we could do. Like Naruto said, if we stayed there and kept on fighting, we'd eventually be killed.

InuYasha: Not to mention that we were taken by surprise.

Himekojo: Why would he take Ichigo? What does he want with him?

Moka: He wants Ichigo to see the world burn before his eyes before finally executing him.

*Everyone looks at Moka, surprised*

Moka: What? I had something like that happen to me when I fought with Alucard.

Kenichi: Who's that?

Moka: You don't wanna know.

Sho: Why don't you EDF people call The Avengers, The Justice League, or The Undefeatables? Hell, why not call the X-Men?

Tsukamoto: Those teams are unavailable since they're busy dealing with problems out of our solar system. Now, who's gonna lead the team until Ichigo is rescued?

*Everyone looks at Moka*

Moka: I'm more of a listener than a leader.

*Everyone turns their attention to Natsu*

Natsu: I don't really know how to lead a team.

*Everyone turns their attention to Luffy*

Luffy: What?

Himekojo: You're a captain of your own crew, you should have some leadership skills.

Luffy: I just listen to what my crew has to say, we're basically our own captain.

Black☆Star: Some captain you turned out to be....

Kenichi: What about Naruto? He must know how to lead a team. Moka, can he lead a team?

Moka: He can but.....he prefers working alone...most of the time.

Tsukamoto:.....Call him.

*Moka contacts Naruto*

Moka: Hey Naruto.

Naruto: Oh hey babe, I just entered my base. Is there something wrong?

Moka: Naruto, Tsukamoto wants you to be the leader until Ichigo is rescued.

Naruto:.....Alright, just tell the others to wait for me at the hospital. I'll be there soon Moka.

Moka: Alright.

*Scene changes to Naruto at his secret base, with Tenten following him. Naruto finishes his coffee before throwing it in a garbage can*

Tenten: So the armor's destroyed?

Naruto: Yeah, I told you we should've added radiation-proof shielding. But you said "No, I'm sure you won't be needing radiation-proof shielding. It's not like you'll fight Godzilla or something."

Tenten: How was I supposed to know that you'd be fixing a damaged reactor core from the inside? So should we get started on Orange Ninja Armor 3.0?

Naruto: No, at least not yet. I think it's time to go back to my ninja roots, but with a little more style.

*Naruto goes into his Hall of Suits, where he stores all of his attires. In the middle of the room's the Choun Shiryu ninja armor, given to him by Ryu Hayabusa when he was 12 years old*

Tenten: I still can't believe that Ryu Hayabusa actually gave you that ninja armor.

Naruto: I only wore it during that battle with Shao Kahn and during that battle with Akuma. Time to take it out once again. You should look away.

*Tenten does what Naruto says as he suits up*

Naruto: How do I look?

Tenten: Lookin' good as usual, but don't you need a sword?

*Naruto summons Kogitsune-maru and sheathes it in its sheath on his back*

Tenten: Right, forgot you had a magical sword.

Naruto: Now help me design some suits with me. My team will need them to combat the upcoming invasion.

Tenten: Whatever you say. Shall we make them out of vibranium or unstable molecules?

Naruto:......Unstable Molecules. Also, can you call Moka's Mother?

Tenten: Of course Naruto.

*Scene goes back to the hospital*

Kenichi: What's taking him so long?

Luffy: I want to get back into the fight.

Toriko: Forget that, I'm starving!

Naruto: I'm back.

*Everyone focus on Naruto(Choun Shiryu Armor) in front of them, serious*

Black☆Star: Whoa, is that Naruto?

Naruto: Yes, it's me, and it's time that we took him by surprise and show him why he shouldn't f$ck with us or our planet.

Moka: *blush* Oh my.....

Naruto: Now listen up, rescuing Ichigo is our first priority. After that, we'll have to suppress the invading numbers until I figure out a way to send all those Hollows and Arrancars back to Hueco Mundo.

Luffy: Alright, when do we start?

Naruto: After you put these attires on. I've taken the liberty of designing some attires for Luffy(Film Z Attire), Goku(Saiyan Battle Armor), Kurohime(Black/White Deep V Catsuit), Toriko(Black Attire), Natsu(X791 Attire), InuYasha(Inu no Taishō's Armor), and Kenichi(Black Fighting Gi, with a Yin-Yang Symbol on the back).

Moka: Where's mine?

Naruto: Your mother gave me these things to give to you.

*Naruto gives Moka her mother's armor and sword*

Moka: Oh yeah, these will do just fine.

Naruto: Another thing, *pulls out a huge bag* I had a friend of Ichigo's give me these onigiris for us to eat. They're infused with Reiatsu so eat up.

*Scene changes to Aizen and his legion of Hollows and Arrancars flying towards Japan. Ichigo is seen chained up*

Ichigo: You won't get away with this, Aizen. My team will stop you.

Aizen: You think your so-called team can stop me? I am a god now, to me they're just ants.

Ichigo: Don't underestimate them.

Aizen: And why should I not underestimate them?

Ichigo: Cuz they have one thing in common: They don't give up that easily.

Aizen: We shall see about that.

*Using the Hōgyoku, Aizen opens up a large Garganta over the sky, unleashing his army*

Aizen: Begin the assault!
The Twelve Part 3
Part 3 of The Twelve. I don't know what else to say but things start small, but once part 4 starts, it'll be all-out war.
The Twelve Part 2

The plot so far: Aizen has broken out of his prison with the help of his remaining Arrancars and Satori and has Naruto and Ayane under his Control Hadō, using them to help him find and regain the Hōgyoku. 2 days later, EDF Director Kiyo Tsukamoto finds out about Aizen's escape and puts into motion his plan: A team of 12 strong heroes. So far, Ichigo Kurosaki, Monkey D. Luffy, Toriko, Kenichi Shirahama, Natsu Dragneel, InuYasha, Black☆Star, and Sho Fukamachi have been recruited. With no time to finish recruiting, Tsukamoto sends the nine to capture Aizen and break Aizen's control over Naruto and Ayane. Meanwhile, Aizen has found the Hōgyoku in New York under the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Building, in the asthenosphere. With the help of Naruto, Aizen takes back the Hōgyoku. As they exit the building, the nine arrive at the bank by slip space travel. Engaging the enemy, the nine found themselves a little bit overpowered by Naruto and Ayane. During the fight, Aizen is trapped by Sho's gravity field, preventing him from moving. Before Naruto and Ayane could move to free him, Goku and Moka arrive to aid the nine in knocking some sense into the two ninjas.

Goku's Mind: This guy's power, he's way stronger than Buu. I better go Super Saiyan 1.

*Goku turns to Super Saiyan 1, surprising his team mates*

Naruto: I'm sorry, I only fight natural blondes.

*Goku charges at Naruto and punches him in the face, sending him 4 blocks away. Ayane cross blocks as Goku sends her flying into an apartment building. She easily shrugs it off before being attacked by Inner Moka, Toriko, Black☆Star, Himekojo, and Kenichi. Scene changes to Ichigo, Goku, Natsu, InuYasha, Luffy, and Sho checking to see if Naruto's dead or not*

Ichigo: Oh my god, you killed him!

InuYasha: Look at the bright side, he could've been a threat in the future.

Goku: Wait, I still sense him.

Natsu: How? You killed him, right?

*The guys check the body again, only to see it disappear in a puff of smoke*

Ichigo: Crap! A shadow clone! Goku, where is he?

Goku: I don't know! I can't sense him!

*Naruto comes from behind them and sends them flying with a single Infinite Mass Punch. Naruto calls a drop pod, which contains extra tech shuriken and an Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920. Naruto then creates a cloud and uses it to fly in the sky. Goku calls 2 Flying Nimbus Clouds so InuYasha and Luffy can stay in the air. The others float effortlessly in the air as Naruto approaches, shooting at them with several shots from his railgun, which they dodge, a few of them almost hitting them*

Natsu: Where does he get his weapons!?

Ichigo: Just concentrate on fighting Naruto!

*Scene changes to Ayane battling Inner Moka, Toriko, Black☆Star, Himekojo, and Kenichi*

Toriko: Flying Knife!

*Toriko launches a projectile of appetite energy at Ayane, who jumps over it. However, it was a distraction so Black☆Star could use Shadow☆Star: Second Form - Leaf of the Moonlit Night on her. Ayane deflects Tsubaki's shuriken form back at Black☆Star with just a kick, surprising him. Tsubaki changes into her human form at the last moment and is caught by Black☆Star. While in mid-air, Ayane makes a few hand signs*

Ayane: Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!

*Ayane shoots out a massive orb of roaring purples flames at her opponents. Toriko slices the fireball in half with his Knife Hand attack*

Inner Moka: Toriko, throw me at her!

Toriko: Alright!

*Toriko throws Inner Moka at Ayane. Ayane doesn't have enough time to react*

Inner Moka: Know your place!

*Inner Moka knocks Ayane down with a powerful kick*

Kenichi: Did that free her from Aizen's control?

Inner Moka: Let's find out. Ayane, are you back to your old self?

*Ayane gets up*

Ayane: What the hell Moka, that f$cking hurts!

Inner Moka: Had to make sure I hit you hard enough to knock you out of Aizen's control. *begins casting a spell*

Ayane: What are you doing now?

Inner Moka: I must cast this magic spell on you so you don't get controlled by Aizen again.

Ayane: Is Naruto okay?

Kenichi: No he's not okay purple-haired lady. Right now, he's fighting our heavy hitters. They must have gotten him by now.

Ayane: You think a bunch of heavy hitters will stop Naruto? Please, you haven't seen what he's capable of. Sure he may look like a guy with a lot of gadgets and ninja skills, but what you should really be afraid of is what he has within.

Toriko: What do you mean by that?

Himekojo: She's talking about the demon sealed within Naruto, remember?

Toriko: Sorry, I forgot.

Himekojo: What can you tell us about it?

Inner Moka: Long time ago when he was just an infant, his father sealed half of the chakra of a demon nine-tailed fox inside of him before he and his wife died. Recently, his father came back to life and sealed the other half of the fox's chakra into him, giving him power that's almost on par with a being like Superman or a god like Thor.

*Naruto is seen hitting Goku in the stomach with a Krogan Battle Hammer before sending him flying towards Natsu with a kick, who moves out of the way. Natsu uses Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame on Naruto. Naruto creates a large ring of wind energy around himself, which absorbs the fireball and becomes a ring of fire. Naruto then converts the ring of fire into chakra before absorbing it, turning into his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Ichigo conjures 50 summon swords and launches them at Naruto, who absorbs them using a large chakra hand before launching them back at Ichigo. InuYasha quickly deflects them all using Tessaiga*

InuYasha: Is that all you got!?

*Naruto uses Kurama's chakra to make a tennis racket construct, which he uses to swat InuYasha out of the sky. InuYasha falls down on the ground hard*

Naruto: Is that all you got?

Ichigo: Naruto, Aizen's got you under his control! I know you can hear me!

Naruto: Trying to get the old me out eh? It'll take more than words to get him out.

Goku: I'm ending

Goku's Mind: He's one tough guy if he can hold his own against Super Saiyan 1. Gotta go Super Saiyan 3.

*Goku changes to Super Saiyan 3. Naruto looks on, uninterested*

Naruto: You changed your hairstyle already blondie?

*Goku aims for a punch, but Naruto blocks it*

Naruto: This strength will come in handy. Hokuto Strength Stealing Fist!

*Naruto's fist phases into Goku's chest where he proceeds to steal half of Goku's strength, and absorbing it. Goku feels weak and dizzy*

Goku: What? What did you do to me?

Naruto: I just stole half of your power.

*Naruto hits Goku in the face with a chakra powered Krogan Battle Hammer, sending him flying into an all-girls spa, where he crashes into the girls changing room. All the girls start running out of the room screaming. Scene returns to Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Naruto fighting Ichigo, Natsu, and Luffy*

Natsu: Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow!

*Natsu sends Naruto flying back, making him drop his hammer in the process. Naruto recovers before trapping Natsu in a jet construct, making it fly in circles, and making Natsu very sick. The construct disappears, dropping Natsu down onto the ground below. Naruto 's chakra cloak disappears*

Naruto: Wind Style: Air Grenade!

*Naruto throws a ball of compressed air at the 2 remaining heroes, which explodes on impact, sending them flying in different directions. Naruto decides to go after Luffy. Luffy is seen crash landing in Times Square, in the middle of a 4-way intersection. Naruto arrives and throws Luffy into a pickup truck. Slowly walking towards the truck to see if he's dead, Luffy knocks him back with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. Goku arrives and subdues Naruto with a Kamehameha*

Luffy: Wow, this guy's tough. It's been a while since I fought a guy this strong.

Goku: I agree, he packs a punch. It's a good thing he's-

*Goku is interrupted by Naruto, now in Sage Mode, who uses a Sage Mode Enhanced Beast Tearing Gale Palm to punch Goku into space, with enough force to knock the Saiyan out. Naruto gets back up and engages Luffy in battle again. Luffy tries to strike him with a Gomu Gomu no Pistol, but Naruto easily dodges it before flinging an empty truck at Luffy, who simply sends it back at Naruto with just a punch. Naruto slices the truck in half with Kogitsune-maru. Luffy uses his stretching ability to knock the sword out of his hand. Luffy imbues his forehead with Busoshoku Haki to harden it before hitting Naruto's forehead with Gomu Gomu no Kane. However, Luffy gets dizzy from doing that due to Naruto's skull being more durable, even when Luffy reinforced his move with Busoshoku Haki. Naruto retaliates by head butting him back, sending him flying into a SUV. Luffy gets up and is met with a ballistic knife blade to the right shoulder. Luffy winces in pain*

Naruto: Is that it?

InuYasha: They're just warming you up for me!

Naruto: What?

*Naruto blocks InuYasha's downward slash with The Sword of The Thunder God. Naruto clashes with InuYasha and Luffy, wielding both his Sword of The Thunder God and his Beretta 90-two. Naruto sheathes his Sword of the Thunder God and holsters his handgun before commanding Kogitsune-maru to fly back into his hand and blocking Tessaiga with Kogitsune-maru's sheath. Kogitsune finally returns to Naruto's hand. Naruto stabs Luffy in the stomach. Luffy coughs blood and drops to the ground in pain. Naruto sends InuYasha flying into a building with a strike of his sheath. As Naruto's about to finish off Luffy, Ichigo stabs Naruto in the chest with one of his Zangetsu Blades*

Naruto: Seriously? That's the best you can do?

*Kogitsune-maru uses its Izanagi-like effect, making Naruto disappear in front of Ichigo. Naruto, fully healed, appears behind Ichigo. Ichigo blocks Naruto's sword strike*

Ichigo: What IS that sword!?

Naruto: Kogitsune-maru, a sword made just for me. What makes this sword special is that it can absorb weapons and transform into them.

*Kogitsune-maru transforms into Zack's Buster Sword. InuYasha regains consciousness and runs at Naruto with Tessaiga in hand*

Naruto: Ah, Dog Breath's back, I guess he's pissed.

*Naruto jumps back and sends a wave of energy at Ichigo with one swing of the buster sword. InuYasha blocks the energy wave before using Wind Scar. Naruto slices the attack in half. Naruto then transforms Kogitsune-maru into Megalodon, a rope dart with a metal dart that's in the shape of a shark's tooth. Naruto throws the dart at Ichigo. Ichigo blocks the attack. However, the long string connected to the dart wraps around one of his swords. Naruto smiles*

Naruto: Get over here!

*Naruto tugs the string with all his strength, pulling a surprised Ichigo towards him. Naruto hits Ichigo with a Rasengan, sending him flying into InuYasha. An angered InuYasha gets up*

InuYasha: That's it!

*InuYasha blindly charges at Naruto. Naruto transforms his weapon back into Kogitsune-maru and clashes with InuYasha. Naruto effortlessly blocks his attacks while talking to him*

Naruto: Now I gotta ask, are you just swinging your sword desperately like a dumbass so you can cut me? Cuz that is just sad.

InuYasha: Shut up! Backlash Wave!

*Naruto sheathes his sword as he prepares to use one of his sword techniques*

Naruto: Tengoku Surasshu Kōjun(Descending Heaven Slash)!

*Naruto destroys his ultimate attack with a downward slash before resheathing his sword, which surprises the dog demon*

InuYasha: I-Impossible!

Naruto: You call that an ultimate technique? This is an ultimate technique. Shinku Kitsune-ha(Crimson Fox Wave)!

*Naruto sends a red wave of energy at InuYasha. InuYasha readies Tessaiga. InuYasha sees the wave turn into an astral red fox. The astral fox roars at him*

InuYasha: What is that!?

*As the attack hits, it breaks Tessaiga's blade, shocking InuYasha. Naruto then appears in front of him and cuts through InuYasha. Naruto re-sheathes Kogitsune-maru, as InuYasha falls. Ichigo, is seen left standing*

Naruto: You're the last one? As expected from you.

Ichigo: Getsuga Tenshō!

*Ichigo sends a crescent moon wave at Naruto, which knocks him back and draws blood, surprising him*

Naruto: You've gotten stronger.

Ichigo: So did you....I won't let you become Aizen's puppet. Naruto, you're stronger than that. You fought a gods like the Shinju, Kaguya, and Madara Uchiha and survived. Surely someone like you can fight something as powerful as Aizen. Be stubborn!

Naruto: Yeah like that's!

*Naruto drops Kogitsune-maru as he clutches his head in pain*

Ichigo: That's it Naruto, fight his control!

Naruto's Mind: Aizen you piece of sh$t....get out of my head! GET OUT!

*Naruto's eyes glow blue as he instinctually uses the Power of Nothingness to purge Aizen's control over him. Naruto drops to his knees as he pants heavily*

Ichigo: Naruto, are you you?

Naruto: Yeah, it's me.

Ichigo: Just to be sure, who's the last person you had sex with?

Naruto: *blush* What!? I'm not gonna tell you about my sex life!

Ichigo: Yeah it's you.

Naruto: Yeah....*gets up* thanks for the save.

Ichigo: No problem, you gave us trouble there.

Naruto: Did you get a few hits?

Ichigo: More or less.

Tsukamoto: Naruto Uzumaki, you put up quite a fight for a guy that was turned into one of Aizen's guard dogs.

Naruto: You think? By the way, how's the right arm? Oh too soon?

Tsukamoto: Funny, now can you use that magical sword of yours to heal those guys?

*Tsukamoto points at the unconscious and injured team members*

Naruto: Yeah yeah I'm-

*Before Naruto can finish, Natsu appears out of nowhere and knocks him down with a kick to the face*

Natsu: Alright I got him!

Ichigo: Natsu what the hell!?

Natsu: What?

Naruto: Geez dude, you've got some super strength.

Natsu: Oh thanks....Oi, don't give me a nice comment! You're the enemy!

Naruto: I was mind controlled, I didn't do it on my own free will. I'm a very nice guy.

Ichigo: He is, I can vouch for him.

Natsu: Hmmm.....alright then.....wait, I feel like I've seen you you know anyone by the name of Lucy?

Naruto: Lucy Heartfilia? You know her?

Natsu: Eh!? I know you! You guys were in a movie together!

Naruto: Hahaha yeah, she's got some good acting chops, that red-haired girl as well. Are you Lucy's boyfriend?

Natsu: *blush* Uhhh....yeah.

Naruto: Nice to meet you and-

Tsukamoto: Naruto, the others.

Naruto: Oh right right right....we'll talk more later.

Tsukamoto: Sho, is Aizen still trapped in that gravity field?

Sho: Of course.

Tsukamoto: Good, I have a special prison made just for him....

*Scene changes to InuYasha, Luffy, Black☆Star & Tsubaki, Kurohime, and Sho Fukamachi glaring at Naruto, who's sitting with Ichigo, Toriko, Goku, Moka, an unconscious Natsu, Kenichi, and Ayane in the Pelican*

Naruto: What?

InuYasha's Mind: This guy, he's way out of my league.

Himekojo's Mind: Great, just what we need. A second Ryu Hayabusa.

InuYasha: I can't believe this guy is our final member.

Naruto: Hey, I healed your asses so be grateful. I was also mind-controlled if you don't remember so cut me some slack!

Lin: Play nice back there!

*They go silent before Ichigo starts talking*

Ichigo: So Naruto, how've you been?

Naruto: Great actually. How's your job as a delivery boy?

Ichigo: How do you know about my job!?

Naruto: You posted your job description on Facebook. Now let's see what we have here. We have a pirate...a fire mage...a gourmet hunter...a gunslinging arrogant, loud, immature and egotistical ninja...

Black☆Star: Why you-

Naruto: I'm not done yet....a rip off of Superman...a high school student wearing a symbiotic weapon of mass destruction...a martial artist...a dog-

InuYasha: Okay that's it!

Moka: Uhhh Naruto, I think you should stop before it gets worse.

Naruto:....Okay Moka, I'll stop.

Ichigo: What the hell?

Naruto: What?

Ichigo: Moka tells you to stop and you listen!? Is it because she's pretty?

Naruto: No, it's because she's my girlfriend.

Ichigo: Wait what!? But I thought....So that means...

Naruto: Hinata broke up with me in order to hang out with her mother in space. She's currently working under Commander Shepard.

Ichigo: The Hero of the Citadel? How?

Moka: It's a long story.

Ichigo: And she's cool with you and her dating!?

Naruto: Of course, I mean we're still good friends, we rarely fought at all, we just grew apart. But who knows, I might get back with Hinata someday.

Ichigo: How'd you two get together?

Moka: It's a really long story.

Naruto: A really long one. It all started when-

InuYasha: Yeah yeah lovey dovey you broke my sword!

Naruto: Blame Aizen dude, I was the dude's puppet.

InuYasha: How am I supposed to fight with a broken sword!?

Naruto: Relax, I can repair it, I just need one of your fangs.

InuYasha: How are you gonna-

*Before InuYasha can finish, Naruto punches him in the face hard enough for one of his fangs to break off. InuYasha tries to attack him, but he is restrained by his teammates*

InuYasha: Let me at him! I just wanna hit him once!

Naruto: You're lucky that it was quick. You should also be lucky that my power is the only thing keeping you from turning into a full demon. Also, your fang will repair itself.

Tsukamoto: All of you shut up! We're here.

*Everyone goes silent*

Ichigo: Where are we?

*Everyone looks out of their windows and see a giant ship flying in the air*

Tsukamoto: Welcome to the EDF Hiroshima, our heavy warship and one of our main headquarters.

Naruto: Well, this is interesting. I see you've based the design on the UNSC Infinity.

*The Pelican lands on a landing platform. Scene changes to the team entering the observation deck*

Tsukamoto: The Hiroshima houses over 10,000 brave soldiers and 300 scientists. The ship also has a Mess Hall, a state of the art Training Room, Containment Bay, and Tech Deck.

Ichigo: Where's Aizen now?

Tsukamoto: We've got him in the Containment Bay.

Kenichi: What if he breaks out?

Tsukamoto: He won't, the cell we've constructed for Soul Reapers like Ichigo and Aizen locks the spiritual energy within his body, courtesy of the guy talking to you right now. If he tries to escape, the cell will rip him apart, particle by particle.

Naruto: Interesting, I'd like to watch that.

Tsukamoto: Don't we all.....

Ichigo: What if Aizen's Arrancars or Hollows come here to get him?

Tsukamoto: Then the ship's Energy Field will vaporize them. One time, 30 Gillians and Adjuchas tried to break in, didn't end well for them. Now here's where you come in Naruto. Since you were put under Aizen's control, what do you know about Aizen's plan?

Naruto: He plans to use the Hōgyoku to give himself god-like powers again and open up a large Garganta that connects our world to Hueco Mundo, where his army of Arrancar and Hollows are ready to invade. He also has the demon Satori as his enforcer.

Ichigo: Why didn't he use the Hōgyoku in New York?

Naruto: The Hōgyoku is empty. And when I mean empty I mean it's out of juice. You're either gonna need someone to charge it with a lot of spirit energy, or expose it to large amounts of radiation.

Ichigo: Radiation?

Naruto: Yeah, radiation's a secondary power source.

Ichigo: How?

Naruto: You know what they say, science makes the impossible suddenly appear possible.

Tsukamoto: Alright since the prison in Soul Society is still in repair, for the remainder of the mission, we're to keep Aizen here until the prison's finished. As for Naruto, you're tasked with keeping the Hōgyoku safe.

Naruto: You just love to give me a lot of responsibility don't you? Alright Ayane, you can go now.

Ayane: Are you sure? Maybe I should stay and help out a bit.

Naruto: I'll be fine Ayane, don't worry. You've done your job. Go have some time for yourself.

Ayane: If you say so...

*Before Ayane walks out of the room, Ayane checks out Moka before she whispers something into her ear*

Ayane(whispers): Mine are still bigger than yours...Moka....*smiles*

*Ayane leaves the room. Moka is seen blushing*

Ichigo: What'd she say?

Moka: *blush* You don't wanna know.

Naruto: Anyways, if anybody needs me, I'll be on the Tech Deck repairing a sword.

*Naruto leaves the room*

Tsukamoto: Alright you're all dismissed.

*Scene changes to Ichigo entering the Tech Deck. Ichigo sees Moka sucking Naruto's blood from his neck*

Naruto: Okay Moka, that should be enough.

Moka: Alright.

*Naruto's bite mark disappears*

Ichigo: Ahem, am I interrupting something?

Naruto: No, you came at the right time.

Ichigo: How is it that you don't turn into a vampire?

Naruto: Healing Factor.

Ichigo: Oh, I totally forgot about your healing factor.

Moka: Actually vampires have a choice to either make a person a vampire, or not when sucking someone's blood.

Naruto: That too. Now why're you here, Ichigo?

Ichigo: Just here to visit is all. How's Tessaiga doing?

Naruto: Good actually. It's pretty easy to reconstruct a broken sword when you've trained under Muramasa.

Ichigo: That old man's still alive? I wonder how old he is now.......*sigh* A team of heroes...and I thought that The Avengers, The X-Men and The Undefeatables would be enough.

Naruto: It's never enough, and this is only a temporary team. After Aizen's back to his cell in Soul Society, we're going our separate ways.

Ichigo: By the way you're speaking, I don't think you trust us at all.

Naruto: I trust you, Moka....a lot, Natsu, Kenichi, and maybe Toriko. Goku and the others, I don't trust.

Ichigo: Reasons?

Naruto:.....One, Goku's an alien from another planet that is almost like a rip off of Superman that gets stronger after every fight. Two, InuYasha's a half-demon that can't keep his inner demon in check without his sword. Three, Luffy's a dangerous pirate with a dangerous crew, each with a bounty on their heads. Four, Black☆Star is the last remaining member of a clan of assassins, so that doesn't sound good to me, given that I have a "friend" who USED to be the last of his clan, who I am still friends with, whom I still don't trust to a certain degree. Five, Sho's Guyver Unit has the potential to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction if left unchecked. And finally, there's Himekojo, a very powerful and very lethal gunslinging witch.

Ichigo: I'm sure we can trust them Naruto.

Naruto: What if one of them or all of them decide to go rogue? We'll have no choice but to put them down.

Ichigo: It won't come to that.

Naruto: Better frickin' hope it doesn't....

Ichigo: So where's the Hōgyoku?

Naruto: I kept it in a safe. Right now I am trying to find out how to destroy it should the time come.

Ichigo: You can't destroy it, it's impossible.

Naruto: They said Adamantium couldn't be destroyed but a few people have destroyed it before. So far, I am getting close to solving it. I have also discovered that a Garganta can also be formed by releasing large amounts of unstable antimatter into one specific place.

Ichigo: Seriously?

Naruto: Ain't science crazy? Anyways, there's another reason why you're here.

Ichigo: Oh right! We're gonna have dinner soon so it'd be great if you would join us.

Naruto: That I can't do, given the ass whooping I put them through.

Ichigo: It wasn't you Naruto, you weren't yourself, it was Aizen.

Naruto: But he used my power. My power, my responsibility, my fault.

Moka: Just try to come have dinner with us...please?

Naruto:......We'll see.

Ichigo: Alright then, see you soon.

*Ichigo and Moka prepare to leave*

Naruto: Oh and Ichigo?

Ichigo: Yeah?

Naruto: I think Himekojo has an interest in you.

Ichigo: What? No, no way that can be true. And even if it is true, I already have a girlfriend.

Naruto: Let's hope that she doesn't try to seduce you or force you to have sex with her. Just to be safe, you better know a person that knows powerful barrier magic.

*Ichigo leaves. Scene changes to the team, excluding Naruto, eating together in the Mess Hall at a large rectangular table*

Kenichi: Hey, there are 11 of us are here, where's Naruto?

InuYasha: I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come.

Moka: InuYasha!?

InuYasha: The guy broke my sword!

Toriko: Cut him some slack InuYasha, he's having a hard time trusting us, and he got his mind controlled by a supernatural terrorist.

Moka: Sure he can be pretty scary and brutal at times, but he's really sweet and understanding. It's just that he doesn't show it to others sometimes.

Natsu: Him being sweet and understanding is something we have yet to see.

*Naruto enters. Everyone's eyes are all on him*

Naruto:....What? Do I have a booger?

Ichigo: You came!

Naruto: Of course I did. I was hungry.

*Naruto sits down next to Natsu at the large table*

Toriko: So what will you have?

Naruto: Ramen, the biggest bowl you can make.

Toriko: On it!

*As Toriko happily makes his ramen, everyone sits back down*

Kenichi: Why aren't you in armor?

Naruto: I don't always wear my armor, most of the time it's good to wear my usual clothing. The armor's for my Orange Ninja persona and for tough situations. Also it makes me a bit more dangerous and powerful, and it keeps my ninja identity a secret.

Natsu: I bet you're still really dangerous without the armor. Also, you have a lot of skills, you should join Fairy Tail, it has a lot of strong wizards.

Naruto: That I'll pass, I already have 3 tattoos, I don't need a fourth one.

Ichigo: You have tattoos?

Naruto: Of course.

Sho: Can we see them?

*Naruto takes off his jacket and shirt and shows his tattoos. One tattoo says "Believe It" in Japanese on his left ribcage. His second one, located on his left shoulder, is the Konoha symbol. The third tattoo, located under the Konoha Symbol Tattoo, is the word "Respect" in kanji*

Kenichi: Wow

InuYasha: I've seen better.

*Moka elbows him in the ribs*

InuYasha: What!?

*Naruto puts his shirt and jacket back on*

Naruto: InuYasha, I have repaired the sword. It's stronger than before. And I have added a few powerful techniques for the sword.

InuYasha: What? I thought Totosai was the only one who could fix Tessaiga.

Naruto: Dude, I've trained under Muramasa, so it was no trouble at all.

InuYasha: *smirks* You know, from when we first fought in New York to now, I wanted to kill you. But....I guess I've decided not to kill you.

Naruto: Funny you say that, cuz I was gonna say the same thing. And even if you tried to kill me, I'd still kill you.

Luffy: How is it that I got dizzy when I used Gomu Gomu no Kane on you?

Naruto: The Third Hokage of my village had notes on Haki that allowed me to train myself to have some fortitude against it. That and I can use my chakra to produce an invisible forcefield all over my body, like Superman. Speaking of Superman, Goku you're a Saiyan right?

Goku: Well yeah.

Naruto: What's with all the blonde hairstyles?

Goku: I really don't know, it's just part of going Super Saiyan. But when I go Super Saiyan God, I have red hair and eyes, and I have a flaming aura.

Naruto: Really, that I would like to see sometime soon.

Goku: If you met my son, you and him would be good friends.

Naruto: I'm sure we would.

Natsu: Gahhhh! Just knowing how strong you are fires me up! We gotta fight!

Naruto: I'm not that special Natsu. I've read info on you, your power could very well be equal to mine, if not greater.

Natsu: Really!?

Naruto: Yeah, it seems that I'm a bit vulnerable to Dragon Slayer Magic to some degree. Not even my fireproof skin could protect me.

Ichigo: Really?

Naruto: Yeah.

Toriko: Ramen's ready!

Naruto: Oh good I'm starving!

Black☆Star: Not so fast!

Ichigo: Black☆Star?

Black☆Star: *serious* We're fighting.

Naruto: But I'm about to eat my ramen. I also don't think that it's a good idea to fight me at your current level.

Black☆Star: You disrespected me, I'm not gonna let it slide.

Naruto: You are a loud and arrogant child.

Black☆Star: You talk big for a guy that wears orange and relies on his clones, gadgets and ninjutsu.

Naruto: Says the guy that has a weird hairdo, relies on his death scythe, and is the last of his clan of killers.

Black☆Star: What was that!?

Naruto: You heard me, you're the last remaining member of your clan of killers.

Tsubaki: Come on guys, can't we all just get along?

Naruto: I can easily flatten you right now, but I don't want to at the moment because it's pointless. I bet Ayane could easily beat you. I mean, she DID give you a hard time in New York.

Black☆Star: I could've beaten her myself. And I can sure as hell beat you!

Naruto: I doubt that...

Tsubaki: Ichigo do something!

Ichigo: Actually, I'm interested in seeing who'd win.

Tsubaki: Ehhhhhhh!?

InuYasha: Alright some entertainment!

Tsubaki: You too!?

Moka: There's no way to stop them from fighting, so it's better if they just get it over with now. Besides, when it comes to someone challenging Naruto to a fight in order to prove something, he won't back down.

*Scene changes to the team entering the Training Room*

Kenichi: So who do you think will win Ichigo?

Ichigo: Isn't it obvious? We've seen Naruto in action, and we've seen what he can do. And given his facial expression right now, when he's serious, the people fighting him are either defeated or worse. Black☆Star is strong, but in a fight against Naruto, the odds right now are not in his favor.

Sho: Why don't we stop them?

Ichigo: They're the type that don't back down from an opponent that wants to test their strength.

*Black☆Star goes first, throwing a punch at Naruto, who blocks it. Black☆Star does a few more punches. Naruto again blocks them before Black☆Star attacks with a roundhouse kick. Naruto ducks before sweep kicking him*

Naruto: Is that it?

*Black☆Star gets up and blindingly attacks him. Naruto blocks and dodges his every attack*

Naruto: That uncontrolled anger will be your downfall.

Black☆Star: Shut up!

*Naruto starts fighting back, landing a few powerful blows on Black☆Star. A few of their teammates look on in horror*

Sho: Whoa what is he doing!?

Ichigo: Teaching Black☆Star. He knows that Black☆Star won't listen to words. And he knows that Black☆Star is fighting with everything he's got so Naruto is fighting with everything he's got, though he's holding back 60% of his natural strength. If he fought him at 100%, Black☆Star would either be unable to fight at all, or dead.

*Naruto blocks more of Black☆Star's attacks*

Naruto: If you can't control your rage like that, you will make mistakes.

Black☆Star: You're enjoying this aren't you!? Being better than me and giving me advice as if you know everything.

*Naruto pins him down*

Naruto: I never said I was better than you, nor did I say that I knew everything. If you can't learn anything I tell you from this fight, then you're not fit to be a ninja. Now I won't let go until you've calmed down.

*Black☆Star tries to get Naruto off him*

Black☆Star: Dammit.....*crying*.....Dammit dammit dammit....

Naruto: I was like you once, defeat is something we don't like to experience, but we learn from it and become better after every defeat.

*Naruto gets off of him and offers a helping hand. Black☆Star wipes away his tears and accepts it*

Black☆Star: You win.

*Naruto helps get Black☆Star back up before walking away*

Naruto: Train yourself Black☆Star.....There are people out there stronger than you, maybe even stronger than me. Learn from your battles against them and once you're ready.....find me....and we'll have a real fight. What do you say?

Black☆Star:....*Wipes his tears away* I will!

*Everyone starts smiling as Naruto leaves*

Black☆Star: I swear I'll defeat you.

Ichigo: Glad to know things are going well.....for now.

*Scene goes forward 2 hours later. Tsukamoto is watching Aizen in the surveillance room. Kenji enters the room*

Kenji: Uhhhh sir, something wrong?

Tsukamoto: He's just sitting there meditating....what's he thinking?

Kenji: Sir, you called me in here for something?

Tsukamoto: Yes, I want to know how everything's going for The Twelve.

Kenji: Well Naruto and Black☆Star got into a fight which ended with Naruto winning but in the end, they cooled down a bit.

Tsukamoto: Good, I'm going to go rest now, I need you to watch over Aizen.

Kenji: Say what!? I have to watch him!? But it's night time!

Tsukamoto: It's only for 8 hours.

Kenji: But it's my bed time!

*Tsukamoto gives Kenji a large jug of coffee.

Tsukamoto: This'll last till morning.

*Tsukamoto leaves*

Kenji: But I don't drink coffee!

???: I'll watch him with you.

*Kenji looks behind and sees Naruto*

Kenji: Really? Thanks Naruto, you're a pal. And hey, if one of us is asleep, the other would still watch him.

*Naruto sits down on a chair next to Kenji. Moka enters the surveillance room*

Moka: So...this is where you went after dinner?

Naruto: Yeah, pretty much.

Moka: Naruto you don't have to worry. He's not going anywhere. I'm sure of it.

Naruto: I don't know....he's very clever. Not to mention that every powerful super-villain has a trick up their sleeve so-

*Moka wraps her arms around Naruto, surprising him*

Moka: You've had a long day Naruto, just relax. Come snuggle with me in bed.

Naruto:....Dammit you got me with snuggling. I guess you're right. I mean if he tries to escape he'll be vaporized. And I've been dying for a rest.

Moka: That's the spirit.

Naruto: Kenji you're watching him alone.

Kenji: Ehhhhhh!? Just like that!?

Naruto: *smiles* She doesn't even need her vampire charms.

*Naruto leaves, carrying Moka bridal style*

Kenji: Oh yeah Naruto, you're such a pal, DICK!

*Outside of the Hiroshima, a large Arrancar is seen approaching the ship*

To be continued in Part 3
The Twelve Part 2
Goku and Moka enter the battle, but will they be enough to stop the 2 deadly ninjas?
Note: A few characters are based on my thoughts. There will be a few guest appearances. This is the first time I will name moves from certain people. Also you might need a seat belt, because this will be one hell of a special. Enjoy.

The Twelve Part 1

by: ArbyMaster458 & InsaneBrainiacStudio

Aizen(Narrative): The Hōgyoku, a powerful object that can manifest one's desires. I was almost made a god with its power and I was so close to gaining the Ōken, but my plan failed thanks to Ichigo Kurosaki. Now I am locked in Muken to rot for 20,000 years. I may be stuck here, but lucky for me, I made a few preparations just in case.

*Scene changes to Naruto and Ayane arriving in Muken with Hitsugaya, Rangiku, and 3 guards waiting for them*

Rangiku: You've got 5 minutes to talk to him.

Naruto: This won't take long.

Hitsugaya: I'm telling you, he won't talk.

Naruto: I'll make him.

Rangiku: How?

*Naruto walks towards Aizen*

Aizen: Well well well, if it isn't the Orange Ninja. What brings you here?

Naruto: Where is it?

Aizen: What do you mean?

Naruto: The Box of Ultimate Bliss. Where is it?

Aizen: Why ask me? I didn't lay a finger on it.

Naruto: Don't lie! After it got stolen from the Blood Prison, I captured and interrogated a few of your remaining Arrancars during my search, and they told me that you instructed them to. Why?

Aizen: Why? Isn't it obvious? I need it for my escape.

Naruto: What?

*The ceiling starts shaking*

Ayane: What the hell was that?

*The ceiling is blasted open, revealing Satori. The creature shoots an explosive sphere at them. Naruto protects Ayane, Hitsugaya, Rangiku, and the guards with his shield rune. The blast, however, was meant for Aizen as he is released from his restraints. Aizen easily defeats Hitsugaya , Rangiku, and the guards with a Kidō spell. Ayane tries to attack him from behind but he grabs her by the throat and throws her at Naruto, who catches her. Naruto puts her down on the ground and they both come at him at once. Aizen smirks and teleports behind them before using Hadō #31. They easily dodge the attack before Naruto shoots him 3 times in the stomach with his Beretta 90-two*

Aizen: Damn, I'm not at full strength.

*Wounded, Aizen tells Satori to shoot feathers at them but Ayane uses the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique at them before they hit. Naruto jumps at Satori and hits the monster with a Rasengan. Ayane attacks a wounded Aizen but Aizen manages to dodge all of her attacks before casting a Control Hadō on her*

Aizen: Now minion, attack The Orange Ninja.

*Ayane, controlled, nods and easily surprise attacks Naruto with the Art of the Raging Mountain God, knocking him to the ground. Aizen walks towards him and casts the same Control Hadō on Naruto*

Aizen: With the Orange Ninja's powers and tech, and the Hajin Mon Sect leader, I will take back what's rightfully been mine, and rule this pathetic world. Come Satori, Orange Ninja, Ayane.

*The 4 leave by entering a portal created by Naruto, leading to the human world. Hitsugaya and Rangiku regain consciousness as they leave*

Hitsugaya: Damn, he got away.

Rangiku: He's got the Orange Ninja and that ninja girl under his control. What do we do?

Hitsugaya: Send a messenger to the EDF. Tell them that they need to come right away.

*Scene goes forward 2 days later. A one armed man(Kim Sang-joong), in a black trench coat, enters the Soul Society with over 100 soldiers behind him. Hitsugaya greets him*

Hitsugaya: It's nice to see you again, EDF Director Kiyo Tsukamoto.

Tsukamoto: Tōshirō, it's been a while. Can't believe you've grown so much. Rangiku, I see you've "blossomed" into a very beautiful woman.

Rangiku: Thank you sir, if only Yamamoto was alive. You and him were great friends.

Tsukamoto: Damn that Yhwach. Glad to know he's dead. Now, what happened here?

Hitsugaya: Aizen escaped.

Tsukamoto: Escaped? How?

Rangiku: A strange, demonic, bird-like creature came out of nowhere and destroyed the prison. The Orange Ninja and his bodyguard were here interrogating him before it attacked.

Hitsugaya: Do you know what Aizen's after?

Tsukamoto: Yes, and you know it's not gonna be good when he finds what he's looking for....I'll be going now. I want all Soul Reapers to remain in the Soul Society to repair the prison, add a 9th level in the prison while you're at it.

Hitsugaya: Are you sure you can handle Aizen by yourself?

Tsukamoto: Tōshirō, you're old enough to know that I always have a plan.

*The EDF leave the Soul Society. Tsukamoto contacts his deputy director, Lin Agito(Yang Jin-sung)*

Lin: Hello?

Tsukamoto: Lin, it's time. You know what to do. I'm on my way to your destination now.

Lin: Alright sir.

*Scene changes to Ichigo at his job as a delivery boy at Karakura Pizzeria, having returned from his 20th delivery. his uniform consists of a blue shirt, tanned jeans, and a hat shaped as a slice of pepperoni pizza*

Ichigo: Sir, do I really have to wear this stupid hat all day?

Ichigo's Boss: Of course, it's part of the uniform. Don't wear the hat, it's a disgrace to the uniform.

Ichigo: Alright, well I'm gonna go home now.

Ichigo's Boss: Alright, see ya on Monday. And remember, be here before 4:00 pm.

Ichigo: Got it boss.

*Ichigo returns home from his job. Orihime comes out of his house and jumps in his arms before kissing him*

Ichigo: God you're beautiful Orihime.

Orihime: And you look silly with that hat on.

Ichigo: I know, but if it means to look silly in order to get paid, then it's worth it.

*His 2 sisters, and his father come out*

Karin and Yuzu: Ichigo!

Ichigo: Hey!

*Ichigo hugs his sisters*

Ichigo: Are you two doing good in school?

Yuzu: Of course Ichigo.

*Scene changes to the 5 eating dinner*

Isshin: I am so proud of you son. Not only do you have a job, you are doing well at school, and you have a really great girlfriend, you get free pizza.

Orihime: So Rukia's not gonna be home?

Ichigo: Yeah, she said that she's gonna be outta town for a while.

Isshin: If only your mother was here right now, she would be so proud.

Ichigo: I know dad.

*The doorbell rings*

Yuzu: I'll get it.

*Yuzu opens the door. The visitor is Lin*

Lin: Hello there, is Ichigo Kurosaki home?

Yuzu: Ichigo, there's a lady at the door.

*Ichigo enters the scene*

Lin: Hello Ichigo.

Ichigo: Hi, who are you?

Lin: Not important right now. Come with me, and take off that stupid hat, you look silly.

Ichigo: Orihime, dad, I'm gonna be gone for a while.

Orihime: Again?

Ichigo: Sadly so, I won't be home for a while.

Orihime: Okay.

Dad: See you later, son.

*The 2 leave Ichigo's house. Scene changes to Lin driving Ichigo to an unknown destination*

Ichigo: So....where are we going?

Lin: You will know when we get there. Right now, just stay silent.

*They arrive an airport where a D79H-TC Pelican is waiting for them. Tsukamoto and Himekojo/Kurohime are seen waiting for them as well. Ichigo and Lin exit the car*

Tsukamoto: Hello Ichigo.

Ichigo: Hey, uhhh who are you?

Tsukamoto: Kiyo Tsukamoto, director the Earth Defense Force.

Ichigo: EDF? What brings the EDF here? Did I do something wrong?

Tsukamoto: Does the Hōgyoku ring a bell?

*Ichigo's eyes open wide in surprise*

Ichigo: How do you know about that?

Tsukamoto: I'm an old friend of Yamamoto and Urahara. Urahara gave me the Hōgyoku so I can hide it away and I think that Aizen's after it again.

Ichigo: Aizen? But he's-

Tsukamoto: He escaped. Let Himekojo fill you in on what's been going on.

Himekojo: Before his escape, The Orange Ninja aka superstar and ultimate ninja Naruto Uzumaki, and his bodyguard were visiting him, trying to get the location of the Box of Ultimate Bliss from him. That's when a demonic bird creature came out of nowhere and attacked the Soul Society. Right now, he has Naruto and his bodyguard under his control, using them to find the Hōgyoku right now as we speak.

Ichigo: He's got Naruto under his control?

Tsukamoto: Yes, and given Naruto's powers and tech, he is possibly the fourth most dangerous person in the world.

Ichigo: Who's the first, second and third?

Himekojo: Batman, Iron Man, and Lex Luthor.

Tsukamoto: Right now, we need you to help us stop Aizen. I am putting a team together, and I need you to lead them.

Ichigo: I don't need help taking Aizen down. Especially from military.

Tsukamoto: Who said that they're military?

Ichigo: What do you mean?

Tsukamoto: You see Himekojo here?

Ichigo: Yeah, what about her?

Tsukamoto: She's a bullet witch. Also she's part of your team.

Ichigo: Seriously?

Tsukamoto: I'm serious. Right now, we have a pirate, a gourmet hunter, a martial artist, a fire mage, a half demon, a ninja and a living weapon, and a high school student with a symbiotic suit waiting in the plane right now.

Ichigo: Seriously?

Tsukamoto: I'm always serious, now come on, I'll introduce your other team members.

*The 4 enter the troop bay where Luffy, Toriko, Kenichi, Natsu, InuYasha, Black☆Star & Tsubaki, and Sho are at*

Tsukamoto: Meet Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Has a body of rubber and eats a lot. Trained by Silvers Rayleigh, first mate of the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger.

Luffy: Yo.

Ichigo: Hey.

Luffy: So where are my friends and my ship?

Tsukamoto: Don't worry, they're safe. You can go back to find One Piece once you're mission's over.

Ichigo: What's One Piece?

Tsukamoto: Don't ask. Next we have Toriko. He's a gourmet hunter from the Gourmet World and one of the Four Heavenly Kings. He has super strength, an unparalleled sense of smell, is known to be a good cook, and eats a lot as well.

Toriko: It'll be great working with you.

Tsukamoto: Kenichi Shirahama, History's Mightiest Disciple. Master of 6 types of martial arts, and he's an expert with close-mid ranged weapons.

Kenichi: Hello there, I'm looking forward to fighting alongside you. *bows in respect*

Tsukamoto: Natsu Dragneel, powerful fire mage, adopted son of a fire dragon. Almost no one can match his skills with fire magic.

Ichigo: Really? You were raised by a fire dragon?

Natsu: Long story, when do I fight this Naruto guy? He sounds strong.

Tsukamoto: we have InuYasha, a half demon that wields a sword that can slay 100 demons in one swing. Also, he has his own dojo in Japan, and he can be a little arrogant sometimes.

InuYasha: I can't help it, I can beat anyone if I wanted to. I once killed a powerful dragon demon and a near immortal.

Ichigo: But can you beat someone with god powers?

InuYasha: Hell yeah, just point me his direction and I'll show you.

Himekojo: You couldn't beat me when we started recruiting you.

InuYasha: Kagome said that I couldn't hit girls.

Himekojo: You can beat anyone, but you get bossed around by a girl? Don't make me laugh.

*InuYasha turns red from embarrassment*

Tsukamoto: Anyways, this is Black☆Star, the last ninja of an infamous clan, and his weapon, Tsubaki.

Black☆Star: Pleasure to meet ya.

Ichigo: So are those large knockers her weapons?

*Tsubaki covers her chest in embarrassment. The others, including Black☆Star, snicker a bit*

Tsukamoto: No, she turns into a weapon, literally. And finally, we have Sho Fukamachi. Highschool student, and the owner of a Guyver Unit that grants him flight, super strength, etc.

Ichigo: So he's a rip-off of Iron Man?

Sho: I wouldn't say that. I don't use repulsor tech. All of my powers use sound, heat, and gravity. Right now, I'm trying to learn how to shoot symbiotic rockets.

Ichigo: Alright good luck with that. So these all my team members?

Tsukamoto: No, we still need 3 more members.

Ichigo: And they are?

Tsukamoto: A Saiyan, A Vampire, and The Ultimate Ninja himself.

Ichigo: Recruiting Naruto into my team will be a problem, given the situation he's currently in. Plus, he's known to be a loner.

Black☆Star: Ultimate Ninja? Please, I'm more suitable for the title than Naruto.

Lin: Don't underestimate him Black☆Star. Unlike you guys, gathering data on Naruto is very difficult, given his newfound powers. Naruto knows 119 martial arts, has a powerful demon sealed inside him, 2 magical swords, an assortment of weapons and gadgets, and a very attractive, but deadly bodyguard. He LITERALLY has enough skills to take you guys down if he wanted to.

InuYasha: Now I'm itching to fight him.

Natsu: Really!? I'm fired up, let's go!

Ichigo: Knowing him, he won't go down easy.

Natsu: I've fought people like him before, it'll be no problem.

Ichigo: Tsukamoto, where'd you hide the Hōgyoku?

Tsukamoto: In the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Building.

Kenichi: You hid an object of ultimate power in a bank in New York?

Tsukamoto: It's buried deep within the asthenosphere.

Sho: Damn, in order to get to the asthenosphere, you're gonna need a really fast drill.

Tsukamoto: That won't be needed.

Ichigo: Why?

Tsukamoto: I have been keeping an eye on Naruto, even though he told me that he didn't like being watched. Naruto's been working on a device that uses Reiryoku to phase though solid objects. With a device like that, getting to the asthenosphere would be a walk in the park. He could almost be done with the device and at New York by now.

Ichigo: Then we have to go now! How long will it take to get to New York with the Pelican.

Tsukamoto: In an hour. It's a good thing this pelican comes with a Shaw-Fujikawa drive.

InuYasha: A what?

Himekojo: A device that allows slip space travel, which means that we can get to New York in 5 minutes.

Ichigo: Seriously?

Tsukamoto: The world is a strange place Ichigo.

*Scene changes to the Pelican entering a slip space portal to New York. Scene changes to Aizen, Naruto, and Ayane at the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Building, disguised as security and maintenance. They easily enter the building and go to the lower levels of the bank. During their descent, Naruto and Ayane show signs of resistance*

Aizen: Interesting, it looks like you two are resisting the Control Hādo. Time to add a bit more power into it.

*Aizen increases the amount of control over them*

Aizen's Mind: I'm still not at full strength. And this is the 4th time I had to increase my hold on them. Pretty soon the spell will be useless. I gotta hurry.

*Once they reach the lower levels, the 3 take off their disguises and don their attires. Naruto then takes out a device and sets it on the floor, activating it. The device then generates the required amount of Reiryoku to make an intangible path to the asthenosphere, where the Hōgyoku is being held*

Aizen: Well done Orange Ninja. Now to get back what's mine.

*Aizen descends down into the asthenosphere and retrieves the Hōgyoku. Once retrieved, the 3 exit the bank where they are confronted by 72 EDF agents while bystanders look on*

Aizen: It looks like Tsukamoto has caught up with me. Orange Ninja, Ayane, time to cut loose.

*Naruto starts throwing 8 tech shuriken at them. The shurikens start splitting into 4 pieces(32 in total) and kills 32 agents. The EDF starts firing at them. Aizen stops their bullets with an Unnamed Kidō Barrier*

Aizen: Byakurai!

*Aizen shoots a blast of lightning from his 2 fingers, killing the rest. The Pelican arrives from slip space. Inside, Natsu is seen out cold due to his motion sickness*

InuYasha: Really!? At a time like this Natsu!?

*Ichigo, in his shikai form, comes out of the Pelican and tries to attack Aizen head on with Zangetsu, only to get cross blocked by Ayane, wielding her Fuma Kodachi*

Ichigo: Who are you!?

*Ayane uses her fingertips to make physical contact with his blades*

Ayane: Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique!

Ichigo: What?

*Ichigo's Zanpakutō suddenly gets heavy for Ichigo to wield, making him drop them. Ayane quickly puts away her short swords before using Renjin-Soryu-Sen to launch him in mid-air. Naruto enters the fray and sends Ichigo crashing down with an Izuna Drop. Aizen laughs*

Ichigo: Oww what the hell Naruto?

Aizen: Finish him.

*As Naruto is charging a Rasengan, he is sent crashing into the bank by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol. Naruto gets up as he and Luffy immediately begin duking it out. Sho arrives and hits a surprised Aizen with a Mega Smasher while Natsu follows it up with Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. Sho traps Aizen in a gravity field so he doesn't break free*

Aizen: Orange Ninja! Assist your master!

*Naruto stops fighting Luffy for a second and throws a kinetic tech shuriken at Sho, knocking off the Guyver Unit's Control Metal*

Sho: No!

*The Guyver Unit begins to absorb Sho while Aizen breaks free and sends Sho flying with just a finger before fighting Toriko and Kenichi. Ichigo gets back up and assists Natsu and Luffy in fighting Naruto with his fists. Natsu tries using Fire Dragon's Iron Fist to hit Naruto but Naruto redirects his fist at the last second, accidentally hitting Luffy and sending him flying back. Naruto ducks Ichigo's roundhouse kick and hits Ichigo with a Wushu Butterfly Kick. Scene changes to Ayane battling Black☆Star(and Tsubaki in Chain Scythe Form), Kurohime, and InuYasha*

InuYasha: Stay still so I can cleave you!

Black☆Star: I'll get her!

*Black☆Star throws one of his scythes at Ayane but she catches it by the chain. Ayane smirks*

Black☆Star: Uh oh.

Ayane: Get over here!

*Ayane pulls Black☆Star towards her and throws him at InuYasha, knocking them both down. Ayane blocks several of Himekojo's bullets before throwing a glass- powder filled black egg at Himekojo, who shoots it. However, some of the glass powder hits her eyes, making her blind. Ayane makes a few hand signs*

Ayane: Fists of Asura Technique!

*Ayane's eyes glow bright red as her hands are covered in phantom gauntlets(That resemble Asura's hands in Asura's Wrath). Ayane jumps forward and punches Himekojo in the face before kneeing her in the stomach and punching her again. Himekojo regains her sight and blocks one of her attacks. Himekojo uppercuts Ayane, launching her into the air and begins wasting her with bullets. Ayane falls down in the middle of the road, near death, her phantom gauntlets disappearing*

Himekojo: InuYasha! Black☆Star! I got her!

Black☆Star: Are you sure?

Himekojo: Pretty sure I-

*To her surprise, Ayane begins to regenerate due to the Body Revival Technique. Angered, Ayane releases all of the Eight Gates, turning her skin red and covering her body in purple chakra*

Himekojo: I have a bad feeling about this.

InuYasha: You think!?

*Ayane gets behind Himekojo in the speed of sound and attacks her with Zanei-Fusetsu before getting in front of her and knocking her down with Hai-Hajin-So. Ayane charges at Black☆Star and InuYasha with her Fuma Kodachi*

InuYasha: Crap! We gotta counter her with our powerful attacks!

Black☆Star: Tsubaki! Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune!

Tsubaki: Got it!

*Black☆Star transforms into his Zeroth Form while InuYasha's sword turns into Diamond Tessaiga. InuYasha uses Kongōsōha on Ayane, only to have her block all the diamond shards. Black☆Star manages to restrain Ayane with his scarf of shadow matter. Black☆Star then uses the scarf to transfer some of his energy into Ayane, closing her eight gates, returning her to normal, though still under Aizen's control*

Ayane: Unhand me you piece of sh!t!

InuYasha: Not a chance lady! I'll go help Toriko and Kenichi with Aizen, you stay here and restrain her.

Black☆Star: Got it!

*Sho, regaining the Control Metal, manages to regain control over his suit and flies back into battle. InuYasha arrives and assists Toriko and Kenichi*

InuYasha: Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!

* InuYasha scratches Aizen's chest, stunning him long enough for Toriko to hit him with a 50-Hit Nail Punch. Kenichi finishes him off with Oogoshi. Sho arrives and restrains him again in a gravity field*

Aizen: Orange Ninja! Ayane!

*Naruto knocks back Ichigo, Natsu, and Luffy with a shockwave before going to help Aizen. Ayane manages to get free from Black☆Star by throwing a flash kunai near his feet, which explodes, knocking him away. The scarf loses its grip on Ayane as she rushes to help Aizen. Before they can go further, the 2 get knocked back by Goku and Inner Moka, both finally arriving to aid Ichigo and the others*

Goku: Sorry I'm late. I'm looking forward to fighting you Orange Ninja.

Naruto: *laughs* I've always wanted to fight a Saiyan.

Inner Moka: I never thought I'd be fighting you again, Ayane. This should be fun.

Ayane: I'll wipe the floor with you, vampire!

Goku: You guys, back me up, we're stopping them.

*Ichigo calls Zangetsu. The twin swords fly back into his hands. Ichigo starts swinging them around*

Ichigo: Alright, they're light again. Let's beat some sense into these two!

To be continued in Part 2
The Twelve Part 1
The first part of this very first crossover special! First part, Aizen escapes and has Naruto and Ayane under his control, The Earth Defense Force takes action, a team is formed, and their first objective, capture Aizen! Reason for Satori not fighting in New York because Satori is a reserved character of last resort so you won't be seeing a lot of Satori.
Plot: 3 weeks after Journey Across Universes and a week after Fairy Tail's Tartarus Arc, Natsu shows up at Naruto's place and asks him to help him train for a year. Meanwhile, Ivan Dreyar, bitter over his defeat during the Grand Magic Games, hires legendary mage hunter Grosvenor Tout for his sinister plans, which involves the capture of all the known Dragon Slayers! All Dragon Slayers are not safe from the eyes of a hunter! Can the inclusion of Naruto be enough to fight this unpredictable hunter, who has never lost a prey, nor let any live?


Naruto Uzumaki: 3 weeks after saving the whole multiverse from the Jack of Blades, Naruto has taken Natsu as his apprentice in order to take his mind off what happened during Journey Across Universes, and the fact that Moka said that he could have a harem like his cousin, Rito Yuuki.

Natsu Dragneel: Main protagonist of Fairy Tail, One of the members of The Twelve, and one of the few people who've fought on equal grounds and defeated Naruto in pure combat, Natsu has decided to have Naruto train him for a whole year in order to get stronger.

Lucy Heartfilia: Natsu's girlfriend, Naruto has met Lucy before(details will be explained in the future), forming a friendship with her. After hearing from Naruto that Natsu's at his place, Lucy immediately goes there to see him.

Moka Akashiya: Naruto's current lover, after the events of Journey Across Universes, she has since become one with her Inner and Outer selves. She has also approved Naruto of having a harem. Moka is off on another modeling job, leaving Naruto with Natsu and Happy.

Gray Fullbuster: Natsu's rival/friend, Gray has finally started dating Juvia. Gray, after hearing about Natsu being in danger, heads out with Erza, Gajeel, and Juvia to protect him.

Wendy Marvell: Wendy is captured first by Grosvenor, prompting Naruto and his Fairy Tail friends to go save her, Sting, and Rogue.

Juvia Lockser: Juvia sees Naruto as an older brother she never had. When she wants help with her relationship with Gray, Naruto gives her some advice, mostly revolving around telling her to appear in Gray's room, wearing lingerie and screwing his brains out, or appearing in his shower naked and helping each other(Gray and Juvia) clean themselves, which works.

Erza Scarlet: Erza, also known as Titania, is revealed to be one of Naruto's cousins. She is surprised when Naruto reveals their relation to each other, and at the same time, she is happy that she has a cousin. Due to this reveal, Erza is protective of Naruto, despite Naruto not needing any help most of the time

Gajeel Redfox: Though antagonistic when they first meet, Gajeel instantly began to respect Naruto after Naruto and Gajeel had a verbal argument.

Laxus Dreyar: Laxus wants to fight Naruto after hearing about Naruto's power and his many battles, a fight Naruto doesn't want to do, since Naruto comically finds Laxus intimidating.

Happy the Cat: Naruto and Happy are a bit antagonistic at first, but that fades once Naruto brings out a platter of sushi, earning his friendship. Happy will be seen babysitting Celine whenever Naruto can't, earning a fish every hour.

Celine: Naruto's "niece" and Rito's "daughter", Celine accompanies Naruto due to Rito suggesting that he takes her with him since Naruto doesn't visit his house a lot.

Chelsea: A mysterious assassin who works for the international assassin organization Night Raid, Chelsea has her eyes set on Naruto. Why? (Hint: She doesn't have romantic feelings for him, but it has something to do with MARVEL's Original Sin. It also has something to do with Naruto's parents)

Kagura Mikazuchi: A member of Mermaid Heel, Kagura finds herself helping Chelsea find Naruto. Finding a little of herself in Chelsea, she agrees to help her find him. though she isn't told why. When she finds out that all the known Dragon Slayer Mages are being hunted, she and Chelsea go off to save them.

Ivan Dreyar: Former guild master of the disbanded Raven Tail, Ivan plots his revenge.

Grosvenor Tout: A legendary and wanted mage hunter wielding a multi-purpose collapsible magic gun and an array of mage hunting equipment, Grosvenor has set his sights on capturing all Dragon Slayer Mages for his employer. Killing Naruto is bonus pay.
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Perry Nguyen
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United States
I'm just a person that likes online alot of designs, but mostly Halo and NaruHina, and etc. I'm a really cool simple guy!!! I also like Deadpool, and loads, and loads of stories.....and manga. Overall, I'm an all-around nice person, though I can lose my temper at times, I'm innocent :). And I'm the Co-Founder of The Skitzo 4, now changed to The Skitzo League due to newcomers, you gotta check out the stories at this link:

Also check out my second page, InsaneBrainiacStudio, where I do the craziest ideas imagined, some not crazy at all. Also I've quit my previous group in order to make and manage my own group, which is called 4Ever-Letting-Loose, a page where any art is accepted.


Current Residence: House
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