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Shepard x Miranda- I Found You by Wellsy71

The way Miranda sheds a tear when she finds Shepard in the rubble wounded but alive really impacts the hearts of those who are a fan of...


*Jiraiya's seen dropping off Naruto(13 yrs old) at UCLA by van. Naruto's attire includes a white t-shirt and a green short-sleeved over-shirt, blue jeans, Nike sneakers, and a pair of glasses. Naruto is also seen carrying a laptop bag and 3 books*

Jiraiya: Alright Naruto, remember that I'll pick you up every Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm and train you til 8:45 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, it'll be training from 8 am till 11 am. When I'm not available, just focus on your studies.

Naruto: Got it.

Jiraiya: I'll be back later to help you bring your stuff to your room.

Naruto: Okay.

Jiraiya: And try to have some fun here while you're at it, okay?

Naruto: I will.

Jiraiya: You're going to do great here Naruto. Oh! One more thing.

Naruto: What's that?

Jiraiya: Try to make some friends.

Naruto: I'll see if I can make some.

Jiraiya: Alright, see you later Naruto.

*Jiraiya drives away*

Naruto(Narrator)(19 yrs old): How was my first day at UCLA? It was great, got put into some pretty interesting courses, got my own room, and I made a new friend.

*Naruto is seen checking the campus map in order to get to the registrar's office and get his schedule*

Naruto: Alright, so I gotta keep going forward and-

???: Look out!

Naruto: Huh?

*Naruto gets run into by a pink-haired girl on her bike. The two fall forward, resulting in Naruto dropping his books and the pink-haired girl falling on top of him*

???: Ow....

Naruto: Excuse me, can you please get off?

???: Oh! Sorry!

*The pink-haired girl gets off Naruto as he gets up and picks up his books. Naruto focuses his attention on the girl as they both dust themselves off*

???: I'm so sorry! I was riding my bike to the registrar's office and I was distracted by a beautiful butterfly and-

Naruto: It's cool, I'm fine, you're fine, we're both fine. Just do some quick breathing exercises with me and calm down.

*The girl does some breathing exercises with Naruto, calming down*

Naruto: Better?

???: Yes thank you. *smiles* Anyways, now that we're fine, do you happen to know where the registrar's office is?

Naruto: What?

???: I was trying to memorize how to get there in my head and-

Naruto: The butterfly?

???: *blush* Yes...and I forgot it all.

Naruto: Well I was just on my way to the registrar's office as well.

???: Really?

Naruto: Yeah, follow me and we'll be there in 3 minutes tops.

???: Thank you so much ummm....I'm sorry, what's your name?

Naruto: *smiles* Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. *extends his hand*

???: *smiles and shakes his hand* Moka, Moka Akashiya(13 yrs old). Do you want to be my friend?

Naruto: Already? After running into me with your bike and making me drop my books?

Moka: Yeah....


Moka: *happy* Really!?

Naruto: Sure, I mean, you look like a really nice person.

Moka: *excited* Yay! I made my first friend! *smiles*

Naruto(Narrator): That's right, that was the first time I met my second girlfriend Moka. She doesn't run into me with her bike anymore, but back then, she'd do that a lot. *laughs* Anyways, we became friends on the spot and after that...she hugged me...really tight.

*Moka hugs Naruto. Naruto is seen struggling as Moka's hugging him too tight*

Naruto: *struggling* Too tight! Too tight!

Moka: Oh! Sorry!

*Moka lets go of Naruto as he gasps for air*

Naruto: Geez Moka you're strong.

Moka: Sorry about that. Eheheh...

Naruto:....Let's just go to the registrar's office.

*Scene changes to Naruto and Moka walking to the registrar's office. Naruto is seen carrying her bike*

Naruto: So tell me about yourself Moka. Where are you from?

Moka: I was born and raised in Europe until I was 10 before I move to Japan with my mother and my older brother. Where are you from?

Naruto's Mind: I can't let her know about Konoha....

Naruto: I'm from Japan.

Moka: You too? Wow...You must be really smart if you're starting here at an age of 13.

Naruto: How'd you know that I'm 13?

Moka: A girl just knows.

Naruto: Uh huh.....So what made you decide to come here?

Moka: father wanted me to do something else but I didn't want to so I convinced him to let me go here.

Naruto: What did he want you to do?

Issa(Flashback): Moka, someday you'll take my place as lord of the vampires.

Moka: It's....complicated...What made you decide to come here?

Naruto: I was planning to go to Harvard...but my...uhh...godfather said that I'd like this one.

Moka: Well we are in The Big Orange.

Naruto: Big Orange?

Moka: Los Angeles, it's one of its nicknames, and California is a really good state to be in. It's got a lot of places worth checking out. He picked the right college for you.

Naruto: I'll take your word on that.

Moka: Well, here we are.

*Scene changes to Naruto and Moka getting their schedules*

Naruto: Let's see...Sweet, I have all the courses I want for my schedule.

Moka: Thanks for taking me to the registrar's office.

Naruto: No problem. Well, see ya I guess.

*Naruto exits the office and proceeds to go to his first course. Naruto notices Moka following him on her bike. Naruto stops walking as Moka stops as well*

Naruto: Uhhh you need something again or what?

Moka: No, I'm just going to my Biomathematics class.

Naruto: What?

Moka: Yeah, I'm going to Biomathematics.

Naruto: Let me see your schedule.

*Moka gives Naruto her schedule as he looks over it*

Naruto: We have 4 courses together.

Moka: *surprised* Wow really? I guess this means that we're going to see a lot of each other huh? *smiles*

Naruto: Hard to believe....Well then, shall we go?

Moka: *smiles* Mmm!

Naruto(Narrator): The first few classes were great. I learned a lot from the first day. And everybody was so nice there. And I guess having Moka in my classes were great too. Though she slept through two of the classes on the first day.

*Scene changes to Naruto and Moka finishing lunch together on the grass*

Naruto: So what do you think about this place?

Moka: I like it, I made the right choice going here. I had my doubts but now they're a thing of the past.

Naruto: Glad to hear it, so how were the Biomathematics and the Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics classes?

Moka: *sweat drops* I uhhh...slept through them.

Naruto: What? You seriously slept through all that?

Moka: Yeah, I slept through them. I like the classes, and I was trying to pay attention but...I found it difficult to focus....

Naruto: Hmmm....Are you anemic?

Moka: *surprised* What!? Why are you asking me this?

Naruto: You have a difficulty concentrating, a loss of energy, and right now, you look a bit pale.

Moka: *shocked* I am!?

Naruto: Yeah...

Moka's Mind: I can't let him know that I'm a vampire...gotta think of a lie.

Moka: I wasn't supposed to come today but I wanted to in order to get my schedule and not be absent on the first day.

Moka's Mind: Also I'm a vampire, I haven't had blood for a while.

Naruto: *sigh* Come on, we're going to the UCLA Blood & Platelet Center. It's best if we treat you right away.

Moka: What about your next course? Won't you miss it?

Naruto: Your well-being's more important.

Moka: *blush* Re-Really?

Naruto: Yeah, besides, I'll figure something out with the professors and will probably ask them to send me the homework by mail. Come on you.

Moka: Wait, what're you-

*Naruto puts Moka on his back*

Moka: *blush* Na-Naruto, th-this is embarrassing!

Naruto: Well it's a lot easier when I'm carrying you. I can't let you ride your bike since I fear that you might lose your energy and injure yourself.

Moka: *blush* O-Okay then.

Naruto: Plus I don't want you to run into me.

*Scene changes to the UCLA Blood & Platelet Center, where a doctor's seen giving Moka blood via blood transfusion pack. Naruto's seen waiting for her outside of the room. Moka and the doctor exit the room*

Naruto: Well?

Doctor: She's going to be fine. If this happens again, feel free to come back.

Naruto: Thank you doctor.

*Scene changes to Naruto and Moka walking to their next class*

Moka: So how did you know that I had anemia?

Naruto: I read a whole medical encyclopedia when I was seven.

Moka: Forreally?

Naruto: Yes forreally. This anemia won't be a problem in the future, will it?

Moka: No, not at all...*blush* Thank you for helping me Naruto.

Naruto: It's what I do.

Moka: So Naruto, are you going to stay in a dorm, or are you staying with your godfather?

Naruto: Dorm.

Moka: What kind of dorm mates are you hoping to get?

Naruto: I have a single dorm room. I don't need a roommate since the building's gonna be full of students anyways.

Moka: I see.

Naruto: What dorm room did you get?

Moka: It's a triple dorm. I'm going to be bunking with two other female students.

Naruto: Do you think you'll get along with them?

Moka: I hope so, I mean I AM going to have them until graduation, or until certain conditions require me to replace either one or both of them....Where are we going?

Naruto: Next course, Bioengineering. We both have the same four courses in a row. We already skipped our third course.

Moka: Oh right, I forgot...So what dorm building are you gonna stay in?

Naruto: De Neve Plaza.

Moka: You have a dorm room at the De Neve Plaza? Me too!

Naruto: Seriously, how much are we gonna see each other?

Moka: What? You don't like seeing me? You're so cruel Naruto. *looks a little hurt and is about to cry*

Naruto: Eh!? Don't cry Moka, I was just saying! In fact, it's great that we'll be seeing each other a lot!

Moka: Really!? *Eyes glittering*

Naruto's Mind: She got over it that fast!?

Naruto: Really, I mean, we're friends right?

Moka: That's great, cuz you're actually the first friend I've ever made.

Naruto: First friend in college?

Moka: *smiles* No, for like...ever.

Naruto: You've never had any friends up till now?

Moka: Yeah, you my old school, all the other students thought I was...weird and I usually kept to myself. Also because I was the only one who thought that monsters like vampires and werewolves were real.

Naruto: Really?

Moka: Yeah...

Naruto: That's harsh...Well you know what?

Moka: What?

Naruto: I believe in monsters too.

Moka: Re-Really? Do you really mean it or are you just saying that in order to make me feel better?

Naruto: *smiles* Of course I mean it, I'm a huge believer.

Moka: Really?

Naruto: 100%.

Naruto's Mind: You have no idea....

Moka: How can I be sure that you're telling the truth?

Naruto: Some people can tell if someone's lying by looking them in the eye.

*Moka's emerald eyes stare into Naruto's sapphire eyes. Moka blushes a bit before looking away in embarrassment*

Moka: *blush* Okay, you're not lying.

Naruto: *smiles* Told you.

Naruto's Mind: For some reason, she reminds me of Hinata.

Moka: Tell me, do you have any friends Naruto?

Naruto: Yeah, I have 16 friends.

Moka: *surprised* 16!? Are they nice?

Naruto: Yeah, they're really nice, although one of them...not anymore.

Moka: What happened?

Naruto: He....changed.

Moka: I'm sorry to hear that. Do you plan on mending your friendship with him?

Naruto: I don't know if it'll be that easy to do it.

Moka: I'm sure that in the future, you'll be friends again, it just takes time.

Naruto: I guess you're right.

Moka: Will I ever get to see any of them?

Naruto: a good question....I guess I can have a few of them come here.

Moka: That would be grand. I can't wait until the day they come.

Naruto: Me neither....You know, I haven't taken a good look at you until now, and I must say, you have really nice eyes Moka.

*Moka turns red from the comment and looks away, confusing Naruto*

4:30 pm

*Naruto exits from his final course(Music) and heads towards De Neve Plaza to meet with Jiraiya. Jiraiya is seen waiting for him with his stuff*

Jiraiya: How are your courses?

Naruto: They're pretty awesome. I learned a lot, and I'm hoping to learn more.

Jiraiya: That's good, now shall we go and move your stuff into your dorm room?

Naruto: Sure.

*Moka enters the scene*

Moka: Naruto, is that your godfather?

*Jiraiya focuses his attention on Moka*

Jiraiya: Wow Naruto, first day and you've already got a girlfriend!

Moka: What!? *blush*

Naruto: She's not my girlfriend. *picks up a mini fridge* Besides, we just met today.

Jiraiya: What's your name?

Moka: *blush* Moka Akashiya.

Jiraiya: Moka huh, that's a pretty name for a girl like you. It's a shame that you're not his girlfriend.

Moka: *blush*....Naruto, do you need any help?

Naruto: No I'm good. I don't want to waste your time or anything.

Moka: *smiles* I don't mind. This is a lot of stuff, and I think that me helping you will save you a lot of time.

Naruto: You don't mind helping me?

Moka: Of course. I've got nothing going on so why not?

Naruto: Well...okay then.

*Scene shows a fast forward animation of Naruto, Jiraiya and Moka picking stuff up and bringing it into the building again and again until the three finish getting all of Naruto's stuff to his dorm room*

Jiraiya: Wow, we got all the stuff here. Do you need help bringing it all in and decorating?

Naruto: I can do this myself, don't worry.

*Jiraiya's cellphone rings. Jiraiya picks up*

Jiraiya: Yeah?....Really!? They're giving the movie a green light!? They want to discuss it now!? I'm on my way! *Hangs up his phone* They want to do another Icha Icha movie!

Naruto: *annoyed* Seriously? Another one?

Jiraiya: Hey, the Icha Icha series is a good read. Anyways I gotta go!

*Jiraiya runs out of the building*

Naruto: Wanna help me bring this stuff in?

Moka: *surprised* Eh!? I thought you said that you could do it yourself.

Naruto: Are you kidding me? This is a lot of stuff. Besides, I was trying to act independent and mature.

Moka: I will, but in return you're buying me dinner at Sonic.

Naruto: Ehhh!? Why?

Moka: *smiles* My services aren't free.


*Scene goes forward to Naruto and Moka finished with Naruto's dorm room*

Moka: After an hour of arranging things, this place looks great. Now that I look at it, I'm jealous of your dorm room now.

Naruto: I know...Well, a deal's a deal. Let's go to Sonic.

Moka: How do you suppose we get there?

Naruto: Taxi of course.

Moka: *sweat drops* Oh right, forgot about that.

*Scene changes to Naruto and Moka at Sonic. Moka is drooling over the choices of food on the menu in front of her*

Naruto: Moka, you're kinda holding up the line.

Moka: *drooling* So much food...

Naruto's Mind: She must have a Chōji-sized appetite!

Sonic Employee: Uhhh Miss, you're holding up the line.

Naruto: We're both gonna have one of every burger, hot dog, chicken and sides.

Sonic Employee: Sir, that's a lot. Are you sure you can pay for all of that?

Naruto: I'm sure.

*Scene changes to Naruto watching as Moka gobbles down the food at a fast rate as Naruto works on some homework on his MacBook Pro while eating a tray of chili cheese fries and a few burgers and 3 cups of Dr. Pepper. Naruto looks at Moka for a bit*

Naruto: You have a huge appetite.

Moka: *stops eating* I'm sorry it's just-

Naruto: *smiles* I get it, the food's good. I'm a bit of a gourmet myself. Once I get a taste of good food, I go nuts. But I'm not going nuts because I'm limiting myself, and I have homework.

Moka: *smiles* Funny.

Naruto: Am I?...Good...Funny's good right?

Moka: *smiles* It is.

Naruto: *Sips some Dr. Pepper* Why haven't you done your homework yet?

Moka: Gotta eat before I work on it. Food like this gives me the extra thinking power.

Naruto: Why don't you just work while you're eating? You know, multitask?

Moka: Are you kidding me that's hard. I mean you can do it but me...That's hard.

Naruto: You're weird....But I like weird. *Chows on some chili fries*


Naruto: Hmm?

Moka: Why did you miss a course to help me? You could've let me go get treatment myself, but instead you brought me to the center and stayed with me. Why?

Naruto: Because it's what I do.

Moka: Anyone can say that, give me your honest reason.

Naruto:....I wasn't always the person you know now. I made problems for others and made some mistakes along the way. I was raised with no parents. I don't even know who they were. I had no one to guide me. Everyone around me hated me, and kids my age avoid me. I was alone....But with help from others who didn't see me unwanted existence, I managed to make all sorts of friends and become the person I am now. You could say that if I didn't get help from them, I wouldn't even be here talking to you.

*Moka, after listening to Naruto's reason, is reminded of her past, as well as her time at a human school, where she was made fun of and ignored*

Moka's Mind: He's just like me...

*Tears flow down Moka's face*

Naruto: Moka?

*Moka wipes her tears away*

Moka: *crying* I'm sorry, it's've endured a lot and...that reminded me of myself. I've never opened up to anyone about it's been so hard...

Naruto's Mind: Sasuke, Gaara, and now her...I guess been through a lot.

Naruto: Moka...A girl like you should smile.

*Naruto gives Moka a warm smile as Moka looks at him. She smiles at him too*

Naruto: I think if we had met several years ago, we would've been great friends.

Moka: *wipes her tears* Yeah, I feel the same way.

Naruto: Moka, no matter what, I promise you, I will always be your friend.

Moka: Promise?

Naruto: *smiles* Promise.

Moka: *blush* And I promise to be your friend no matter what. Now, are you done with your work or do I have to finish all this food myself?

Naruto: I'm halfway done but I'll stop in order to eat all this food before it all gets cold. *Closes his laptop and smiles*

Moka: *Picks up a chicken nugget and smiles* I think we're going to get along just fine, Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto: *smiles* Couldn't have agreed with you more, Moka Akashiya.
Naruto: Journey To Now - Days at UCLA Chapter 1
Naruto starts his first day at UCLA

Introducing: Moka Akashiya!
Shonen: All-Star Battle - DLCs(4) by ArbyMaster458
Shonen: All-Star Battle - DLCs(4)
S-Class Hero Pack includes: Genos (Saitama is his Level 5 Ultimate)
Eyepatch Ghoul Pack includes: Ken Kaneki
Wild Pokemon Pack 2 includes: Gible (Assist - Draco Meteor)
All-New, All-Different Amazing Pack includes: Spider-Man (All-New, All-Different)
Naruto x Fairy Tail: Hunted

Plot: 3 weeks after Journey Across Universes and a week after Fairy Tail's Tartarus Arc, Naruto finds himself training Natsu in Vale after Fairy Tail disbanded and Natsu decided to leave Fiore for a year of training. Meanwhile, Ivan Dreyar, bitter over his defeat during the Grand Magic Games, hires legendary mage hunter Grosvenor Tout for his sinister plans, which involves the capture of all the known Dragon Slayers! All Dragon Slayers are not safe from the eyes of a hunter! Can the inclusion of Naruto be enough to fight this unpredictable hunter, who has never lost a prey, nor let any live?


Naruto Uzumaki: 3 weeks after saving the whole multiverse from the Jack of Blades, Naruto has temporarily joined Fairy Tail in order to cope with what happened during Journey Across Universes, and the fact that Moka said that he could have a harem like his cousin, Rito Yuuki. During his stay at Fairy Tail, Naruto also has to take care of his cousin's "daughter", Celine.

Natsu Dragneel: Main protagonist of Fairy Tail, One of the members of The Twelve, and one of the few people who've fought on equal grounds and defeated Naruto in pure combat, Natsu and Naruto respect each other as fighters. They also have a brother-like friendship. Natsu goes to Naruto for his 1-year training.

Lucy Heartfilia: Natsu's girlfriend, Naruto has met Lucy before(details will be explained in the future), forming a weird friendship with her.

Gray Fullbuster: Natsu's rival/friend, Gray goes with Lucy in order to find out why Natsu left without saying anything.

Juvia Lockser: Juvia sees Naruto as an older brother she never had. Juvia and Gray seem to have gotten closer after fighting Tartaros.

Gajeel Redfox: Though antagonistic when they first meet, Gajeel instantly began to respect Naruto after Naruto and Gajeel had a verbal argument. Gajeel is captured by Grosvenor a few days after Fairy Tail disbanded.

Laxus Dreyar: Laxus gets captured by Grosvenor during the start of the story.

Happy the Cat: The Exceed joins Natsu for his 1-year training.

Celine: Naruto's "niece" and Rito's "daughter", Celine accompanies Naruto due to an Rito suggesting that he takes her with him since Naruto doesn't visit Rito a lot.

Chelsea: A mysterious assassin who works for the international assassin organization Night Raid, Chelsea has her eyes set on Naruto for reasons unknown. Accompanied by Kagura, she begins her search.

Kagura Mikazuchi: A mage of Mermaid Heel, she helps Chelsea in search for her brother. She also begins a relationship with her for reasons that will be explained later.

Velvet Scarlatina: A friend and ally of Naruto's, Velvet finds herself helping the mysterious Chelsea.
Ivan Dreyar: Former guild master of the disbanded Raven Tail, Ivan plots his revenge.

Grosvenor Tout: A legendary and wanted mage hunter wielding a multi-purpose collapsible magic gun and an array of mage hunting equipment, Grosvenor has set his sights on capturing all Dragon Slayer Mages for his employer. Killing Naruto is bonus pay.
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