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The way Miranda sheds a tear when she finds Shepard in the rubble wounded but alive really impacts the hearts of those who are a fan of...


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Naruto: Journey To Now - Days at UCLA Chapter 3

*Naruto, wearing goggles and gloves, is seen shooting arrows at a jacket in his workplace at Stark Enterprises Headquarters. The arrows keep on breaking after hitting the jacket. Naruto then attacks it with an energy powered katana. The jacket is unscathed*

Naruto: *takes off his goggles and puts on his glasses before smiling* Vibranium is just amazing. No tears, though earlier tests showed that if you cut across the grain, that's bad. Gotta work on reinforcing the grain and run a few more tests before I finish the final touches for my "new ninja outfit."

*Naruto then walks over to a large block of steel-titanium alloy and punches it, creating a large dent*

Naruto: Vibranium's unique property of absorbing kinetic energy makes it hard to damage. When hitting something, it releases that stored energy with amazing force....fascinating.

*The holographic computer on the other side of the room starts beeping*

Computer: Mr. Uzumaki, you have visitors.

Naruto: Visitors? Show me.

*The computer shows Moka, Compa, and Xenovia at the door. Naruto is surprised that they're here*

Naruto: Crap, I can't have them see any of this. Computer, hide everything!

Computer: Right away.

*Scene changes to Moka, Compa, and Xenovia waiting for Naruto at the door*

Xenovia: What do you think he's working on in there?

Moka: I don't know, but it must be something very big and shiny.

Xenovia: Like a giant gun?

Moka: What? No, there's no way that he'd be building something like that....right?

Xenovia: I guess you're right.

*Naruto opens the door*

Naruto: Hey girls, what's up?

Moka: We just came to visit, see what you're up to.

Naruto: Okay, come in.

*The three enter Naruto's workplace*

Moka: You're a lucky person, Naruto. Having your own workplace here at Stark Enterprises Headquarters.

Naruto: It's was just a coincidence that my godfather knew Tony Stark.

Xenovia: It's definitely luck.

*Moka looks around and sees a hover-bike*

Moka: Wow, a hover-bike! Did you make this?

Naruto: Yeah, all by myself. Took me two weeks to finish that. It uses the same repulsor tech that Stark's Iron Man Armor uses to levitate it and move it, though not as powerful as the one Stark uses.

*Moka gets on it*

Moka: How do I turn it on?

Naruto: Moka, I don't think you should ride it in here, not to mention-

Moka: Oh wait I found the on button!

Naruto: No no wait wait wait-

*Moka presses the button and accidentally drives forward, ramming Naruto into a wall with the hover-bike*

Naruto: *groans* I'm still in front of you.

Moka: Eheheheh....oops?

*Moka puts it on reverse before shutting it off. Naruto cracks his own back*

Naruto's Mind: I have super strength and super healing, yet I get injured from being rammed into by a girl with a bike!?

Naruto: Seriously Moka, why do you always ram into me with your bike? Or any bike in general?

Moka: Uhhh....

Naruto: You know what, forget I asked. Just get off the hover-bike..

*Moka gets off the hover-bike as Naruto walks over and presses a few buttons on it*

Naruto: There, the bike's locked in place. No one can use it unless I use the unlock code.

Moka: Awww....and I liked that bike....Oh yeah, that reminds me, what are you doing tomorrow?

Naruto: I dunno, I hadn't really thought that far. Why? Are you asking me out on a date?

Moka: What!? *blushes and looks away while playing with her index fingers and smiling* D-Don't be silly Naruto eheheh....

Naruto: Okay? Then what are you trying to ask me?

Moka: *turns to face Naruto* Do you know Kimberly?

Naruto: That one European girl in our Biomathematics class? She's hot, but I'm pretty sure that she has a boyfriend.

Moka: *angry* I'm not setting you up with her! Besides, Kimberly's a bitch!

Naruto: *surprised that Moka said the B word* Oh....I didn not know that. To think that she was like that deep inside....

Moka's Mind: She's not actually a bitch, I just don't like her flirting with you.

Moka: *blush* A-A-Anyways, she's going to Washington to see her grandmother, so she asked me to babysit a rich family's kids.

Naruto: You need help with babysitting?

Moka: Yeah.

Naruto: Just a few kids?

Moka: Uh huh.

Naruto: Do we get paid?

Moka: Kimberly will split the profits.

Naruto:...Okay, I have nothing going on at all tomorrow.

Moka: *happy* Great! We gotta be there at 6:00 pm sharp.

Naruto: Got it. It's strange that she asked for your help. I guess she's not as bitchy as we thought.

Moka: Hmm? O-Oh yeah, I guess you're right eheheheh...

Compa: Naruto, what's this thing? I like it.

*Naruto looks and sees Compa holding a giant syringe*

Naruto: Oh that? That's just a giant syringe. I forgot why I made it. I think I was making it in order to treat elephants and whales or something.

Compa: Can I keep it?

Naruto: Well, it's kinda broken on the inside.

Compa: I don't mind...

Naruto: Hmm...I was gonna get rid of it....okay, but don't poke your eye out okay? Also, don't use it for evil things like stabbing someone, and cover the needle with a plastic cover.

Compa: *smiles* You can count on me!

Xenovia:....Are you building guns in here?

Naruto: Uhhhh...*secretly kicks away a gun he invented* no?

Xenovia:....Okay then.

Naruto's Mind: That was close.

*Scene changes to Naruto entering Jiraiya's house*

Naruto: Oi Pervy Sage, you forgot about me again....Where is that guy?

*Naruto goes out in the back and sees Jiraiya in a hot tub with five Victoria's Secret models, eating sushi and drinking wine*

Jiraiya: Oh....hey Naruto...what's up?

Naruto: Hellooooo!?

Jiraiya: Ooooh right, I forgot you many times has it been?

Naruto: 20 times!

Jiraiya: Sorry Naruto, but these five Victoria's Secret models are fans of my book and they wanted to know more about it personally.

Naruto: By hanging out in a large hot tub and eating sushi?

Jiraiya: Yeah....this is my godson, Naruto. Wave hello to them, Naruto.

*The Victoria's Secret models wave hello to Naruto as he does the same. The models start laughing and commenting on how adorable Naruto is, with Jiraiya agreeing with them*

Naruto: You said you'd help me with

Jiraiya: Naruto, we've been training for 19 straight days, how are you not sore?

Naruto: I'm young, I recover quickly. Now help me train.

Jiraiya: Naruto, there are Victoria's Secret models in my hot tub right now. This is one of the many things on my bucket list. I'll train you on Monday, I promise. *whispers* Please, they're really hot...

Naruto:....*sigh* Don't make promises you can't keep.

Jiraiya: Those are the best kinds, Naruto.

Naruto:...That is true. Well, I'm using the training room again.

Jiraiya: Before you go, what're you gonna do tomorrow?

Naruto: Moka wants my help with babysitting a few kids for one of her friends.

Jiraiya: I see, well good luck with that. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, do you remember Ryoko Mikado?

Naruto: That attractive nurse you tried to get with who taught me medical skills?

Naruto's Mind: Who's also an alien.

Jiraiya: Yeah that's her.

Naruto: What about her?

Jiraiya: She's gonna be here in L.A. for a book signing.

Naruto: Which book, "Curing the Impossible: A Nurse's Story", "All Things Medical That You Need To Know In Order To Save Lives," or "Dr. Oz Can Suck It"?

Jiraiya: The third one.

Naruto: I loved that book, unfortunately...I can't go. As much as I'd like to go to her book signing, I can't...but I think I know someone who CAN go for me...

*Scene changes to Compa screaming as Naruto, Moka, and Xenovia cover their ears. UCLA Students look at them as they pass by*

Compa: Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! She's actually coming here!?

Naruto: *releases his hands from his ears* Yeah, and I was wondering if you can get her to sign my book for me.

Compa: *eyes start glittering with happiness* Of course, anything to meet my idol, Ryoko Mikado!

Naruto: Alright, I appreciate it Compa. Also, don't scream like that again, you're gonna make us deaf.

Compa: Sorry. *smiles and focuses on Xenovia* Xenovia, do you wanna come with me to meet her?

Xenovia: Eh? Why me?

Compa: Because it's better to do things with friends than doing it alone, and I like you a lot.

Xenovia: Alright, I'll come with you. I mean, I don't have anything planned for tomorrow.

Compa: Yay!

*Compa happily hugs Xenovia as Xenovia blushes, due to Compa's cuteness. Compa's face is snuggled between Xenovia's breasts as Naruto and Moka look at the two with flushed cheeks*

Moka: *blushes* Compa, don't show too much affection, people will get the wrong idea.

Compa: *smiles* Mmmm Xenovia's so warm and cuddly...

Naruto: *whispers to Moka* Do you think Compa and Xenovia are...into each other?

Moka: *whispers to Naruto* I don't think Xenovia's into girls, but one thing's for sure: Compa's sexuality is a mystery to me.

*Scene changes to the next day. Naruto and Moka are seen taking a taxi to the family's house. Naruto is drawing ideas for his new attire(Journey To Now Attire) as Moka looks out the taxi window*

Moka: *turns her attention towards Naruto* What're you drawing?

Naruto: *closes his notebook* Just some drawing for a uhhh costume contest.

Moka: Can I see it?

Naruto: Sorry, I can't show you my drawing.

Moka: You're very secretive, Naruto. *smiles* Are you leading a double life that I'm not aware of?

Naruto: What!? *sweat drops* No, that's just...No!

Moka: *laughs* I was just joking, Naruto.

Naruto: Oh...of course you were...

Moka:...Naruto, what kind of girls do you like?

Naruto: Why do you ask me this all of a sudden? *smirks* Do you find me attractive?

Moka: What!? *blush*! I mean you look good, just not in a way that makes me attracted to you.

Moka's Mind: Actually, you're making me very attracted to you.

Naruto: Well, I like a girl who's nice, someone who doesn't always get mad at me. She also has to be smart, like me, but not too smart, unless it's something I might not understand. As for body measurements, it has to be just right. I don't like a girl that has too big of breasts or too much junk in the trunk, just a size that goes well with her figure. What I don't like about girls are tattoos and piercings. I'm not a fan of those things.

Moka: Is that it?

Naruto: Pretty much, now will you tell me what kind of guys you like?

Moka: *blush* Oh ummm....well....oh hey you know what, let's play the iSpy game.

Naruto:....You're not gonna tell me, are you?

Moka:'s a girl thing...

*Scene changes to Compa and Xenovia arriving at Ms. Mikado's book signing. The two girls are waiting behind a long line of fans. Compa sees Ms. Mikado from afar*

Compa: Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod, it's really her!

Xenovia: You're not gonna scream again are you?

Compa: What? No.

Xenovia: Oh thank god.

Compa: I'm gonna do that when I meet her.

Xenovia: *comical anime tears* Oh no why....

Compa:....This is a long line, how long do you think it'll be until we're next?

Xenovia: Judging by the number of people in front of us....2 hours.

Compa: Yosh, then I'll endure for 2 hours until we're next! Even if I have to use the bathroom, I will hold it. *eyes are set on fire with determination*

Xenovia: Compa, how are your eyes on fire, and how are you not getting burned by them?

*Scene changes to Naruto and Moka arriving at the house they're supposed to be at for babysitting. Once they approach the door, Naruto rings the doorbell once before two adults, a man and a woman in their 40s, open the door for them*

Dad: You're not Kimberly.

Naruto: We're her substitutes.

Mom: I see, well welcome to our home. Come on in.

Moka: Thank you.

*Naruto and Moka enter the house and start following the two adults. The four enter the living room and sit down in two separate couches facing one other*

Dad: We're so glad you guys could come babysit, or else we'd have to cancel our plans for tonight.

Moka: It's no trouble at all.

Naruto: With Moka and I working together, babysitting will be a cakewalk. Plus, we love kids.

Dad: Have you guys ever babysat before?

Moka: No, but I'm sure that we'll do just fine.

Dad: Alright, kids come down here!

*Twelve kids start rushing down towards the living room, surprising the two*

Naruto: HOLY CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN! *focuses on Moka and whispers in her ear* You didn't mention anything about babysitting 12 kids!

Moka(whisper): I didn't know, I just said yes to help Kimberly.

Naruto(whisper): Even though she's a bitch? Well, no going back now.

Naruto: *tries to force a smile* So, what can you tell us about the bundles of joys?

Dad: Well, ten of the twelve are adopted, six of them are 6-years old, and four of them are 8-years old. Our two kids are twin babies. Six of them are male and the other six are female.

Mom: From girls to boys, their names are Annie, Jeannie, Maggie, Laurie, Stephanie, Katie(Baby Girl), James, Isaac, Connor, Henry, Joel, and Felix(Baby Boy).

Naruto: Those are a lot of names to remember, but we'll also manage somehow.

Dad: Okay then, we're off. Remember, they need to be in bed by 10 pm.

Naruto: Of course.

*The parents exit the house for their night out*

Naruto: Alright, what do you kids wanna-

*Naruto sees Moka tied up as kids start shooting at each other with water guns and making a huge mess around the kitchen*

Moka: Everything went south so fast!

*Scene changes to Xenovia and Compa still waiting in line. Compa is shown sweating a bit as well as shaking. She also has her legs crossed*

Compa: *blush* Xe-Xenovia...

Xenovia: Yes Compa?

Compa: *blush* I need to use the bathroom. Can you hold my spot?

Xenovia: What happened to holding it?

Compa: *blush* I-I underestimated my limits.

Xenovia:...Alright make it quick.

*Compa runs off to find a bathroom. Scene goes back to Naruto and Moka tied up together as the kids start breaking things, eating junk food and drawing on walls around the house. The babies are pulling on Moka's hair*

Naruto (Narrator): Babysitting 12 kids, one of the most bizarre memories I remember. I like kids, I do, but sometimes, they can be very unbearable.

Naruto: How the heck does Kimberly handle 12 kids!?

Moka: Kids, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Wait, five of them are missing.

*The hear a crash coming from outside*

Naruto: What was that!?

*Naruto and Moka quickly free themselves and rush outside to see that the 5 kids had driven one of their parents' cars and rammed it into another person's house*

Moka: Oh dear....

*The kids get out of the car unscathed*

Moka: We are so dead...

Naruto: I can fix this Moka, I just need to-

*Naruto is suddenly hit in the back of his head by a ball by one of the kids hitting it with a baseball bat, knocking him forward. As he falls down, Naruto accidentally pulls down Moka's panties. Moka notices this and blushes bright red. Naruto opens his eyes and looks up, gaining a nosebleed from seeing Moka's exposed butt and her nether regions(her v$gina). Moka screams out of embarrassment and kicks Naruto in the face, knocking him out. Moka quickly pulls up her panties*

Moka: *face turns red* He-He saw my...

Naruto (Narrator): Yeah that's right, I remembered that at some point. It was blocked from my memory for 4 years until I met Moka again at Yōkai Academy. That was....something....

*Scene changes to Compa coming back from the bathroom. She returns to the line to find Xenovia missing*

Compa: Xenovia, where are you!?

*Xenovia enters the scene with hot dogs in her hands*

Xenovia: Oh Compa, there you are. I got-

Compa: Xenovia, you left our spot....

Xenovia: I'm sorry Compa, my hunger got the best of me and-

Compa: *crying* NowwehavetogobacktotheendofthelineandwaitevenlongerformetomeetMikado-sensei,andItrustedyouwithkeepingourspotandyouleftandnowI'msad!

Xenovia: *feels sorry for Compa* D-Don't cry Compa! Here, eat this hot dog I got for you!

*Compa, still crying, takes the hot dog*

Compa: *still crying* We have to wait even longer...*eating* This is delicious.

Xenovia: Compa, before the end of this night, I will have you meet Ms. Mikado. You have my word.

Compa: *crying* Xenovia....

*Compa, crying, hugs Xenovia*

Compa: *crying* Did you, did you buy sodas for our hot dogs?

Xenovia: Eh? I forgot...

*Compa cries even more. Scene changes to Naruto waking up on a couch. He looks to his right to see the kids watching TV before getting up*

Naruto: What the heck happened?

*Moka enters the scene*

Moka: Naruto, you're up.

Naruto: Of course I am. Huh, strange...I feel like I saw "something amazing" earlier before I lost consciousness but I can't remember what it was.

Moka: *blush* Really? That is strange...

Naruto: *focuses on the the kids* I've noticed that the kids have started behaving nicely, why's that?

Moka: I just had to turn on the TV and they sat quietly.

Naruto: The house is clean no spotless. Did you clean it all yourself?

Moka: Yeah.

Naruto: I thought that babysitting would be easy, but I guess I was wrong. How long until the parents get back?

Moka: 2 hours.

Naruto: *groans* Great...Moka, can you take care of the kids while I fix the damages?

Moka: How are you going to fix damages like that?

Naruto: I have my ways.

*Naruto leaves to go fix the damages, coming back 30 seconds later*

Naruto: Damages have been repaired.

Moka: *surprised* That fast!?

Naruto: I called in a favor. *looks at the clock* I'm gonna go make the kids dinner. Hungry?

Moka: Yeah, can you make me some enchiladas?

Naruto: No problem.

*Naruto goes to the kitchen*

Annie:....Are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?

Moka: *blush* Ehhhh!? *plays with her index fingers* Wh-What are you talking about? We're just friends...

Jeannie: You're just friends, but you like him?

Moka: *blush* What? No, I don't like Naruto.

Maggie: That blush says otherwise.

Moka: *blush*....You guys can tell?

Laurie: Of course, so why don't you tell him?

Moka: Well...if he knew the real me, what would he....

Naruto: Moka.

Moka: *blush* *surprised* Ye-Yes!?

Naruto: I finished making the food, and I made you some enchiladas.

Moka: *blush* Be right there!

*Scene goes forward 110 minutes later. Compa and Xenovia are standing 20 people away from Ms. Mikado*

Compa: Yosh, we're almost there Xenovia!

Xenovia: After having to go back to the end and waiting for another hour, we managed to get this close. Just a few more and-

Guard: Alright people time's up. The book signing is over.

Compa & Xenovia: Eh?.....*shocked* EHHHHHH!?

*Compa fall on her knees, here face full of defeat and sadness*

Compa: No....No way....

*Compa starts crying as Xenovia comforts her*

Xenovia: I'm sorry Compa, I know how you must be feeling now. Don't worry, we'll go to her next signing.

Compa: *crying* Xe-Xenovia....*angry* This is your fault!

Xenovia: *shocked* SHE GOT ANGRY FOR ONCE!?

Compa: *crying* Now I feel worse!

*Xenovia hugs Compa as she snuggles her face between her bosom. Scene changes to Moka finishing the dishes before entering the living room to see how Naruto's doing with the kids. She finds Naruto and the kids fast asleep on the couch. She smiles before noticing a fairy tale book in his hand. Curious, she takes the book from his hands and reads it*

Moka: "Beauty and the Beast"? What's this about....

*As Moka reads the books, she finds herself loving the story, reading page after page. Naruto wakes up to find Moka finished reading the book. Moka closes the book, with tears flowing down her face*

Naruto: Moka, are you okay?

Moka: I-I'm fine. *wipes her tears* I was just reading this book. It's the first time I've read it.

Naruto: "Beauty and the Beast" is a good read. I like how Belle was able to look at The Beast and see more to him that went past his appearance and how they fell in love despite their differences.

Moka: *blush*....Naruto?

Naruto: Yes?

Moka: *blush* How would you look at me....if the me you see right now is a fake and the real me is....something scary?

Naruto: Something scary? Like The Beast?

Moka: *blush* Well?

Naruto: Moka's Moka, no matter how much you change, you'll always be my friend. Plus, I'm sure that she's not really scary.

*Moka is touched by Naruto's words, with tears of happiness flowing down her face*

Moka: *crying* Naruto....

Naruto: As usual, you're always one to cry Moka.

Moka: *wipes away her tears and smiles* Sorry, it's just...I'm glad that you're my friend.

Naruto: *smiles* I'm glad that you're mine.

Moka: *blush* Na-Na-Naruto, what are you saying?

Naruto: What, all I said was-

*The parents of the kids enter the scene*

Dad: We're back!

Naruto: It's been two hours already? How was your night?

Mom: It was just amazing, this night was one we'll never forget. How were the kids?

Moka: They were a handful....but, we managed.

*The dad reaches into his wallet and pulls out some cash before giving it to Naruto*

Dad: That's your pay, make sure to give Kimberly her share when you see her.

Naruto: *shocked* $900 for babysitting!? Who keeps that kind of money in a wallet!?

Moka: We'll be taking our leave then.

Mom: Alright then.

*Naruto and Moka leave the scene. Scene changes to Naruto and Moka walking along a sidewalk*

Naruto: Just to let you know, I don't want to do something like babysitting 12 kids in the future.

Moka: the way, how far are we from the university?

Naruto: No idea, what I do know is that it'll probably take us up to an hour or two to get back to the university by foot. Luckily for us, I called someone to pick us up earlier.

Moka: Great...who is it?

*Scene changes to Compa and Xenovia walking back to the university on foot*

Compa: *sighs* Today didn't turn out the way I wanted...

Xenovia: Come on Compa, you're supposed to be the always happy girl. Don't give up hope Compa....I know, maybe some praying will help.

Compa: Praying? That thing you do beside your bed before sleeping?

Xenovia: Yeah, wanna try?

Compa: I guess...

*Compa joins Xenovia in praying*

Xenovia: God, if you can hear me, please help grant Compa her dream of meeting Ryoko Mikado in the future. I ask of nothing in return but Compa's happiness. Amen.

???: Oh, there you guys are.

*Xenovia and Compa turn their attention to Naruto and Moka waiting for them in a limo*

Naruto: Get in, I heard that it's gonna be really cold out soon.

Xenovia: Come on Compa.

*Xenovia and Compa enter the limo*

Xenovia: *relaxed* Ahhhh it's so good to be sitting down after standing in line for several hours.

Compa: If you don't mind me asking, how did you two get a limo?

Naruto: I just called someone to pick us up.

Xenovia: Really? Who?

???: Oh my Naruto, you've got yourself some very attractive friends.

*Xenovia and Compa turn their attention towards a woman in her 20s with green eyes and brownish red hair. Compa's eyes widen once she realizes who it is*

Compa: Y-Y-Y-You're-

Ms. Mikado: So you must be the girl Naruto was telling me about just now.

*Scene changes to the outside of the limo as Compa screams really loud. Scene goes back to Compa happily sitting on Ms. Mikado's lap*

Naruto (Narrator): Compa was VERY happy to see Mikado-sensei. It was nice to have her finally meet her, I mean, Compa's supposed to be a happy girl, not a sad one. If she's sad, that makes me sad.

Compa: *happy* Ohmygodit'sreallyyou! I'mareallyhugefanofyourworkandyourbooksandyou'reverybeautifuland-

Ms. Mikado: *smiles* I know, Naruto told me everything.

Compa: *happy* Ms. Mikado, will you sign my book!?

Ms. Mikado: *smiles* Of course.

*Compa hands Ms. Mikado her book, who signs it and returns it back to her*

Compa: *happy* Can I take a picture with you?

Ms. Mikado: *smiles* I don't see why not.

Compa: Naruto, Xenovia, Moka, come take a picture with us.

Xenovia: It'll make a great scrapbook.

Naruto: Sure, why not?

*Naruto and the girls get into position as Moka holds a camera up*

Moka: *smiles* 3...2...1...

*A flash covers the screen before the scene changes to the Naruto and the girls looking at the picture at the front of the university*

Xenovia: The picture turned out great.

Compa: *smiles* I know right?

Moka: Thank you for dropping us off Ms. Mikado.

*Moka bows to her in respect*

Ms. Mikado: No problem.

Moka: *smiles* We're going to go back to our room Naruto.

Naruto: Alright, see ya guys in the morning.

*Moka, Compa, and Xenovia leave the scene*

Ms. Mikado: They're really nice girls Naruto.

Naruto: Yeah...

Ms. Mikado: I gotta go. Oh, I almost forgot, Seishirō is coming to visit in a few days.

Naruto: Great, I can't wait to fight him again. The score is 13-30.

Ms. Mikado: Naruto, Seishirō's a girl.

Naruto: Oh right right right, forgot about that. Well, have a safe drive.

*Naruto leaves as Ms. Mikado gets into her limo and has her chauffeur drive her back to her hotel. Scene changes to the next day. Moka's seen waiting for Naruto to arrive on the grass near the Janss Steps alongside Compa, Xenovia, and a box of pizza*

Compa: Where's Naruto? He's usually the early one.

Xenovia: Look, there he is. Why does he have a slap mark on his cheek?

Naruto: Hey guys.

Moka: *shocked* Naruto! What happened!?

Naruto: I gave Kimberly her share of the money we made yesterday before I told her that she wasn't such a bitch after all. After that, she slapped me and called me an asshole before telling me that she used to have a thing for me until now and unfriended me before walking away.

Moka: *surprised* Oh my, that's hard to believe.

Naruto: Girls are a mystery...

Moka: *sweatdrops* Yeah a mystery eheheheheh...well, don't let it get to you Naruto. Today's a nice and sunny day, our classes don't start for a good 30 minutes, and we have a box of pizza.

Naruto: *smiles* You're right, it's a sunny day today, no need to have something like that affect me.

*Naruto sits on the green grass with his friends eating pizza together. From afar, a pair of binoculars are watching them. The binoculars focus on Moka*

???: Oh yes, I am 100% certain that she's a vampire. As for all sacrificial rituals to Jashin, a vampire is required in order to achieve immortality.
Naruto: Journey To Now - Days at UCLA Chapter 3
The third chapter of Naruto's UCLA story
I have had my doubts on who Mitsuki's parents are but I am now certain that Orochimaru's his father. I mean, he kinda has an appearance of a snake, he's pale white, and he can stretch his limbs. Who the mother is I am not sure.
  • Listening to: Flatline
  • Watching: South Park
  • Playing: Dead Rising 3
  • Eating: Wonton Soup
  • Drinking: Water
I have had my doubts on who Mitsuki's parents are but I am now certain that Orochimaru's his father. I mean, he kinda has an appearance of a snake, he's pale white, and he can stretch his limbs. Who the mother is I am not sure.
  • Listening to: Flatline
  • Watching: South Park
  • Playing: Dead Rising 3
  • Eating: Wonton Soup
  • Drinking: Water


Perry Nguyen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm just a person that likes online alot of designs, but mostly Halo and NaruHina, and etc. I'm a really cool simple guy!!! I also like Deadpool, and loads, and loads of stories.....and manga. Overall, I'm an all-around nice person, though I can lose my temper at times, I'm innocent :). And I'm the Co-Founder of The Skitzo 4, now changed to The Skitzo League due to newcomers, you gotta check out the stories at this link:

Also check out my second page, InsaneBrainiacStudio, where I do the craziest ideas imagined, some not crazy at all. Also I've quit my previous group in order to make and manage my own group, which is called 4Ever-Letting-Loose, a page where any art is accepted.


Current Residence: House
Favourite genre of music: R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Comedy, Alternative Rock, Acoustic, Electropop, Dance Pop, Pop Rock, Teen Pop
Favourite style of art: All
MP3 player of choice: iPad 2, iPhone 5S
Wallpaper of choice: A lot of wallpaper
Skin of choice: All
Personal Quote: "Anytime"

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