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Shepard x Miranda- I Found You by Wellsy71

The way Miranda sheds a tear when she finds Shepard in the rubble wounded but alive really impacts the hearts of those who are a fan of...


Bio: A legendary sword given to Naruto by The Sword-Saint Priestess at the Masakado Shrine, Kogitsune-maru can only be wielded by those who are worthy enough to wield its power. Those unworthy or not pure of heart will get burned when attempting to wield it


• Worthiness Enchantment

• Extremely durable and never loses its sharpness

• Can destroy almost any type of barrier and cut through most magic spells

• Can be used to heal the good to full health

• Sheath can be used as a bludgeoning weapon

• Ability to destroy other magic weapons depending on the wielder's power

• Produces an Izanagi-like effect when needed, but it can only do it 6 times a day

• The sword can morph into different types of other weapons


-Ashbringer, a large sword that can kill the undead and those with evil hearts

-Dragonbane, an ancient Nord sword that produces electricity as well as kill dragons

-Korefuji, a katana once wielded by Mitsurugi, that never loses its sharpness

-Lilith Katana, a mystic katana from the para-elemental plane teeming with incalculable amounts of raw magic

-BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath, a weapon that once belonged to the BladeMaster, the sword can break almost any defense while the sheath can block almost any attack

-Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade, a legendary blade crafted by the greatest Yokai swordsman, Hanzamune, this sword boosts one's power if the wielder's a demon or half-demon

-Zack's Buster Sword, a sword that once belonged to Zack, it is given to Naruto by Cloud after Cloud starts using the Fusion Sword

-Dragon's Bite, an exquisite longsword with an awe-inspiring blade as sharp as a dragon's own fangs

-Jingu Staff, a divine staff that's able to alter its length

-Kafziel, a death scythe that once belonged to Zasalamel, it gets stronger for every evil soul it absorbs

-Oniyukiyasu, 1 of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono grade swords, the finest swords in the world, with the ability to absorb raw energy

-Megalodon, a rope dart with an unbreakable string, that can impale and hang enemies

-All-Fall, a unique battle axe used to slay giant monsters

-Fadeshear and Lion of Orlais Shield, a legendary sword that can hack off limbs in seconds, and a shield that can send magic projectiles back to its caster

-The Black Star, formerly Azura's Star, the Black Star's a Daedric Artifact that can trap black souls, white souls, or those of sentient beings
A description of Naruto's katana. I'm not that good at designing, but I bumped into this picture and wanted this to be what it should look like.


The weapon change idea came from Dante's Rebellion in DmC, as well as the legend behind the fox goddess.
Hinata's Journey To Now Attire by ArbyMaster458
Hinata's Journey To Now Attire
Hinata's attire for Journey To Now was heavily inspired by Ayane's shinobi shozoku attire in Dead or Alive, as well as the outfit Hinata wears in The Last: Naruto the Movie, and mattwilson83's Halloween 2014 comic. I couldn't draw the boots she wore in the movie so I'll leave that blank. As for her hairstyle, she'll have it tied up in a ponytail style. Ayane will send this outfit to Hinata as a birthday present.
Naruto x Fairy Tail: Hunted

Plot: 3 weeks after Journey Across Universes and a week after Fairy Tail's Tartarus Arc, Naruto decides to take Natsu's offer in joining Fairy Tail, though only temporary. Meanwhile, Ivan Dreyar, bitter over his defeat during the Grand Magic Games, hires legendary mage hunter Grosvenor Tout for his sinister plans, which involves the capture of all the known Dragon Slayers! All Dragon Slayers are not safe from the eyes of a hunter! Can the inclusion of Naruto be enough to fight this unpredictable Hunter, who has never lost a prey, nor let any live?


Naruto Uzumaki: 3 weeks after saving the whole multiverse from the Jack of Blades, Naruto has temporarily joined Fairy Tail in order to cope with what happened during Journey Across Universes, and the fact that Moka said that he could have a harem like his cousin, Rito Yuuki. During his stay at Fairy Tail, Naruto also has to take care of his cousin's "daughter", Celine.

Natsu Dragneel: Main protagonist of Fairy Tail, One of the members of The Twelve, and one of the few people who've fought on equal grounds and defeated Naruto in pure combat, Natsu and Naruto respect each other as fighters. They also have a brother-like friendship.

Lucy Heartfilia: Natsu's girlfriend, Naruto has met Lucy before(details will be explained in the future), forming a friendship with her. During his 2 weeks with the guild, Naruto had sex with Virgo, Lucy's Celestial Spirit, many times, which caused Lucy to unleash her female fury upon him whenever she saw the two getting intimate together. He also slept with Aries.

Gray Fullbuster: Natsu's rival/friend, Gray has finally started dating Juvia. Gray finds Naruto's presence to be nice. During Naruto's stay, the two posed shirtless alongside Lyon for the front cover of Sorcerer Magazine, a feat Elfman found very manly. But in all seriousness, they respect each other as fighters.

Juvia Lockser: Juvia sees Naruto as an older brother she never had. When she wants help with her relationship with Gray, Naruto gives her some advice, mostly revolving around telling her to appear in Gray's room, wearing lingerie and screwing his brains out, or appearing in his shower naked and helping each other(Gray and Juvia) clean themselves, which works.

Gajeel Redfox: Though antagonistic at first, Gajeel instantly began to respect Naruto after Naruto and Gajeel had a verbal argument.

Laxus Dreyar: Laxus wants to fight Naruto after hearing about Naruto's power and his many battles, a fight Naruto doesn't want to do, since Naruto comically finds Laxus intimidating.

Makarov Dreyar: The Guild Master instantly likes Naruto due to him paying off all of Fairy Tail's damage for free. He also helps Naruto train in using some magic.

Happy the Cat: Naruto brought a lot of fish when he first came to Fairy Tail, earning his friendship. Happy will be seen babysitting Celine whenever Naruto can't, earning a fish every hour.

Celine: Naruto's "niece" and Rito's "daughter", Celine accompanies Naruto due to an Rito suggesting that he takes her with him since Naruto doesn't visit Rito a lot.

Chelsea: A mysterious assassin who works for the assassin's guild Night Raid, Chelsea has her eyes set on Naruto. Why? (Hint: She doesn't have romantic feelings for him, but it has something to do with MARVEL's Original Sin. It also has something to do with Naruto's parents)

Grosvenor Tout: A legendary and wanted mage hunter wielding a multi-purpose collapsible magic gun and a large array of mage hunting equipment, Grosvenor has set his sights on capturing all Dragon Slayer Mages for his employer. Killing Naruto is a bonus.
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Perry Nguyen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm just a person that likes online alot of designs, but mostly Halo and NaruHina, and etc. I'm a really cool simple guy!!! I also like Deadpool, and loads, and loads of stories.....and manga. Overall, I'm an all-around nice person, though I can lose my temper at times, I'm innocent :). And I'm the Co-Founder of The Skitzo 4, now changed to The Skitzo League due to newcomers, you gotta check out the stories at this link:

Also check out my second page, InsaneBrainiacStudio, where I do the craziest ideas imagined, some not crazy at all. Also I've quit my previous group in order to make and manage my own group, which is called 4Ever-Letting-Loose, a page where any art is accepted.


Current Residence: House
Favourite genre of music: R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Comedy, Alternative Rock, Acoustic, Electropop, Dance Pop, Pop Rock, Teen Pop
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Personal Quote: "Anytime"

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